8 Common Mixer Grinder Problems With Solutions

Mixer Grinder Problems With Solutions for every home because it is the most critical application to prepare foodstuff easily at home. In our daily lives, we use a mixer grinder to grind vegetables and fruits to make juice, chutney, and smoothie, etc., as it helps us prepare food faster just within a minute. And sometimes, we face problems in running a mixture grinder. Right?

It is the most common issue we face in our daily life. We all face this problem, so now we are going to give you some essential tips that will help you to fix this issue instantly at home quickly without burning a hole in your pocket.

Don’t worry, and you can quickly fix these problems if the problem is in the mixture grinder’s external parts because if the problem is minor, you can set it quickly. Still, if it is primary or we can say the problem is with your motor, you can’t fix it. You need to call a professional or expert to fix this problem.

So we are going to discuss those Mixer Grinder Problems With Solutions in detail and how to fix them. Let’s get started.

Most Common Mixer Grinder Problems With Solutions 

We face problems with the pot, and Sometimes the jar gets cracked or leaked. Aren’t we? But we can’t stop working.

1. Leakage of a jar: –

In our daily life, we all have faced this problem this is due to three reasons:-

Firstly, your grinder can have loose blades, so you have to ensure that the edges are tightened.

Secondly, another problem can be with your jar’s rubber gasket. If it is within the warranty period, then you can demand another rubber gasket.

Thirdly the problem is cracking the jar because if the pot gets broken, you can use a few quick and other Q-fix to fix this temporary. If you want a permanent solution, then there is no other alternative you have to purchase another jar.

2. Blades turning blunt

Using a jar regularly makes it straightforward. You can sharpen them with the help of black salt (Sendha Namak). Put some rock salt in the pot and then turn on your mixer grinder. Keep switching it off at a regular interval.

Keep doing it for the next five minutes, and you will surely see a change in the blades. You can also use the stone to sharpen the blades.

3. Jar getting stuck

Jar getting stuck
Jar getting stuck

This happens with us. The pot gets stuck immediately, and we don’t know the reason due to this leakage, the salty water from the food and the liquid tends to seep in the bearings of the blades. It might result in corrosion of the edges, which can lead to a tight jar.

4. Clogged blades

Blades are not running at good speed; this happens due to clogged blades. Whenever you grind something that might not churn appropriately as you wish, this is just because blades are not running at their full speed. And this happens when some food particles clogged the blade assembly.

Please take out the blade assembly carefully and clean it properly. You can clean it by soaking it in warm water, clean with a scrubber, and assemble the parts of the blades accordingly.

5. Shut off due to overload

Sometimes, the grinder stops working due to the jar’s overload of foodstuff. You might get frustrated. This is a widespread problem. This happens because of the low capacity of the motor fitted in the grinder. Don’t worry.

It occurs when the mill gets overheated, so you have to give some rest for some time to the blender and also make sure to clean dust particles attached to the blades at the bottom properly. If you are still facing the same problem, then change the circuit.

6. Shut down due to faulty wiring

This is one of the significant issues. It happens because of over usage of grinder for a more extended period. Such types of questions should be fixed carefully. If you are good at fixing wire, then it is well and good.

Still, if you are confused about it later, you should not try to fix it. You must take the help of any professional or expert otherwise. It will create problems like shut down of grinder.

7. Coupler breaking

Overloading of the jar can be one of the main reasons for coupler breaking. It can also be because of the overuse of a mixer grinder. You cannot replace a coupler; instead, you can return it with a new one. If it is under warranty, you can ask for a replacement, but if it is not, then don’t fix it yourself, call someone who is professional or expert.

8. Problems with the buttons

Problems with the buttons happen when you prepare food like when liquid or batter or sticky or dried up food is stuck in between the buttons, then it becomes sticky or gets stuck and creates problems in operation.

You have to be careful if you grind such foodstuff and clean your mixture grinder after grinding such food. If it is sticky, use a wet cloth to clean the blender.

Mixture grinder is the most critical application in the kitchen, which is very helpful in preparing food. Sometimes it does not run correctly due to various factors. As we have mentioned above, some issues are such that you can quickly fix it, but if you can’t set call a professional or expert who can fix the problem.

You can quickly fix the common issues of the mixture grinder by servicing it at regular intervals. You should not wait for the point of time to stop working, so you should get a proper servicing of the mixture grinder.

Ensure that you clean your grinder properly in between 3-4 days and clean it thoroughly once a month. It will ensure you properly run the mixture grinder

If it’s under warranty period, call your nearby assistance to get your mixture grinder parts replaced. Just go through the points mentioned above to fix the Mixer Grinder Problems With Solutions.

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