How to Use a Washing Machine to Wash Clothes?

Nowadays we are so busy, and we don’t have time for anything, and we want to do everything very quickly. because of that, we don’t know How to Use a Washing Machine to Wash Clothes properly.

For everything in our daily life we need technology from cooking, bathing, dusting, to washing clothes we need tech in fact, we are dependent on technology.

Am I right? As for cooking, we need a microwave, for bathing, we need an advanced shower, for dusting we need vacuum cleaners and for washing clothes in the washing machine.

Technologies are growing and developing in our country, so it is somehow difficult for some people to understand how to run a machine or a microwave, so we are going to discuss how to run a washing machine.

Types of Washing Machine

Fully Automatic Washing Machine: – Fully-automatic washing machines is that the latter does everything you need at the touch of a button.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine: – The semi-automatic washing machine may require you to move the wet clothes from one tub to another for spin and drying.

These are the types of machines, but it depends on your need, which you will purchase, so you must decide according to your requirement.

How to Use a Washing Machine to Wash Clothes?

Do’s of Using the Washing Machine

Tip 1. You have to divide clothes according to their color that means you have to share light colored and dark colored clothes separately; this is because to avoid the color of dark-colored clothes and their dirt in bright-colored garments.

Tip 2.  You have to separate clothes according to fabric or texture because to avoid the damage of heavily textured sarees.

Tip 3. You should carefully read the label on clothing before washing.

Tip 4. You must select the right temperature for washing clothes.

You Must Not Forget Detergent, Bleach, Fabric Softener 

You might be confused about what you should use for clothes, detergent, bleach, or fabric softener. But it depends on the types of clothes so that we will talk about all these things.

Let’s get startedđŸ˜‰

Firstly you have to decide about the quantity of detergent to be used, and it depends upon the no. of clothes you are going to put in your washing machine.

Secondly, you should bleach clothes which are white and contain dirt.

Note- If your washing machine doesn’t have a bleach dispenser, then always dilute the bleach with water before allowing it to touch the clothes.

Thirdly if you want your towel to be soft and fluffy, then you must use fabric softener.

Don’ts of Using the Washing Machine

Tip 1. Don’t only separate light-colored clothes from dark-colored clothes- You should not only see different light-colored clothes from dark-colored garments. But, it would be best if you separated very dirty or muddy clothes and heavy fabric clothes to wash them separately.

Tip 2. Don’t use detergent directly on your clothes- You should not apply cleanser directly on your clothes firstly add clothes then water after that add soap.

Note- Ensure that you must use a safe detergent that is safe for your clothes and skin too, and it should not cause any irritation to your skin.

Tip 3. Don’t abuse your dryer- If you have time, then use should keep your clothes in natural air to dry out. Please do not use the drier unnecessarily, because it is suitable for stretchy garments.

Tip 4. Don’t mix socks with clothes- You should not mix clothes with socks because socks contain a lot of smell, dirt, and bacteria, so you should wash them separately.

Tip 5. Don’t leave shirts buttoned- You should not leave shirts buttoned because it can damage the shirt or make a hole in the shirt by pulling buttons in case of heavy washing.

Tip 6. Don’t leave zippers open- You should not leave zippers open because open zippers can snag delicate clothing.

Tip 7. Don’t forget to test dark-colored clothes- You should not forget to check dark colored clothes so that it will not leave stains of their color on light-colored garments.

Now you must be thinking about how to test? Am I right? Ok, so, here we have simple steps for you to check dark-colored clothes.

Step 1- Take some normal water in a bucket.

Step 2- Add dark colored clothes in a bucket for 5-10 minutes.

Step 3- If clothes start losing their color, you must wash them separately.

Tip 8. Don’t skip the filter and hose when you are clearing the lint trap- You should firstly empty the lint filter after that every cycle because lint buildup can clog the duct and become hazardous. It is also essential to clean the filter about once a year.

Tip 9. Don’t rub clothes due to stain- You should not rub clothes with detergent if detergent is not removing stains. Otherwise, it will damage your clothes rather than use bleach to remove stains from it is better than cleanser in eliminating stains from white-colored clothes.

Tip 10. Don’t wash clothes which meant for dry clean- You should not wash clothes in the washing machine which said for dry clean otherwise it would damage your clothes rather than cleaning it.


You must be thinking now which method is best to wash your clothes using the washing machine. Am I right? Ok, so let me tell you it depends on the type of footwear and How to Use a Washing Machine to Wash Clothes.

Don’t worry about light-colored clothes because we have some best methods for you like you can use bleach because it is suitable rather than using detergent, and there is no need for rubbing your white clothes to remove the stain.

Right? Use the best method which you think is best for you to keep your clothes clean. And don’t use the drier unnecessarily if you have time, but in case of an emergency, you can use it.

Be careful while choosing detergent; otherwise, it will cause itchy skin and colorless clothes. 

At last, I would say that as we have mentioned above, some methods and tips, I will suggest you go through it. It will prove beneficial to you. I think now you can wash your clothes easily by using a washing machine and your all doubts are clear about How to Use a Washing Machine to Wash Clothes.

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