10 Best Vacuum Cleaners in India 2021 | Review

Best Vacuum Cleaners in India | To make life easier and better with all the comfort at our home without any problems using the best technologies, we need a vacuum cleaner. Isn’t it?

In today’s life, we see various types of vacuum cleaner, but we get confused about which one is best for us. If you are also planning to purchase a Vaccum Cleaner, then this will help you. We have some best options for you so that it will help you to buy the best product.

We have a list of best vacuum cleaners in India. Select the best one according to your comfortability. Let’s get started.

10 Best Vacuum Cleaners in India 2021

1) Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX 1200Watt Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX 1200Watt Vacuum Cleaner

The Quick Clean DX is a handy vacuum cleaner that handles dry dust with its super-cleaning power. The 1200 W motor produces an ultra-powerful suction pressure that can clean all the dirt and dust in your home. It features a wide range of accessories that can be used efficiently for versatile cleaning.

  • Dust bag full indicator. Automatic Cord Winder- we can easily use and easy to store.
  • Suction control on the handle to control the airflow. Comfortable Operation- Easy to use foot-operated power on-off and chord winder switch. Power- 1200 watts.
  • It includes 1-Forbes Quick Clean Dx Vacuum Cleaner, 1-Flexible Hose Pipe, 2-Extension Tube, 1-Floor cum Carpet Brush, 1-Crevice Nozzle, Upholstery Nozzle, and 4-Paper Bags.
  • Warranty- 1 year on product
  • Cheap
  • Lightweight.
  • It can be stored easily in any corner of your home because of the small size.
  • To resize the product, they have installed a weak motor in it.
  • It doesn’t suck the dust at once. You have to keep the nozzle over the soil for 3-4 seconds to get it sucked inside.
  • Even after adding the extension pipes, the suction pipe is not too long.

2) Prestige 1200Watt Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner (Black and Red)

Prestige 1200Watt Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner (Black and Red)

Prestige 42655 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner that Facilitates Wet and Dry Cleaning Comes with Powerful 1200 watts motor Powerful suction and blower function for cleaning hard to reach areas. It’s an advanced feature like HEPA filter and high dust capacity, which allows you to clean all nooks and corners of your home.

Features: –
  • Wet and dry cleaning
  • Powerful Suction and blower
  • Advanced HEPA Filter- Traps fine dust
  • 360-degree wheels
  • Auto cut float, accessory storage, internationally certified
  • Warranty- 1 yrs product warranty (India only)
  • Power- 1200 watts, Voltage: 230 V
  • Includes- Vaccum cleaner, floor brush, absorbing brush, crevice tool, corner brush.
  • Plastic quality is good
  • Good suction power
  • Easy to use
  • The wheels are smooth
  • The top handle is suitable for carrying around the unit as it is lightweight.
  • The extensions did not reach ceiling height.
  • There needs a pre-filter on top of the base dust collector so that the HEPA filter is not clogged rapidly.
  • It makes some noise due to powerful motor and Suction, so one needs to bear the sound.

3) Karcher WD-3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

Karcher WD-3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

The WD-3 multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is super-powerful with a power consumption of just 1000watts. It has a robust and impact-resistant plastic container that has a capacity of 17-liters.

WD-3 vacuum cleaners make light work of the toughest cleaning jobs with features such as blower function, “Pull & Push” locking system. We can Easily removable handle that allows direct attachment of accessories to the suction hose.

Features: –
  • A wet and dry vacuum cleaner helps with a robust impact resistant container and blower function.
  • It includes different nozzles to attach directly on the suction hose, easy vacuuming even in the tightest of spaces.
  • Power: 1000 watts; Operating Voltage: 220-240 volts.
  • Capacity : 17 litre / Plastic.
  • Suction hose: 2-m, 35-mm, Removable handle, Cartridge filter, Standard Suction tubes, 2 piece(s), 0.5-m, 35-mm, Wet and dry floor nozzle. Clips Crevice nozzle, Paper filter bag, 1-piece(s), Blower function Parking position, On-board accessory storage.
  • Outstanding suction power.
  • It has a Cartridge filter for wet and dry jobs.
  • Blower mode.
  • Large capacity.
  • Great value.
  • Topples over too easily
  • The filter needs to dry before being used after wet spills
  • The filter also clogs quickly
  • Bags can sometimes become detached
  • Trying to push on carpets

4) Spartan Cordless 12000PA Ultra Powerful 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner with Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery and LED Brush (Black) 

Spartan Cordless 12000PA Ultra Powerful 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner with Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery and LED Brush (Black)

Make carrying around your cumbersome vacuum cleaner a thing of the past. For a quick and convenient clean up, the cordless vacuum cleaner from ResQTech perfectly meets your everyday needs – with no annoying cord. With long-lasting battery and fast charging, it makes it easier to clean every corner of your home.

Features: –

  • 12000pa ultra-strong suction, spartan cordless stick vacuum cleaner utilizes an ultra-high power digital motor with 2 modes.
  • Cordless convenience, lightweight with complete mobility weighing under 2kgs, has flexible 180°rotation brush with swivel design and a folding handle. Long battery life and quick charge, which comes with high capacity Li-ion battery, research spartan cordless vacuum cleaner.
  • Spartan comes with a user-replaceable battery. It only takes about 4-5 hrs to be fully charged, and it works for around 40 minutes on low power and 30-minutes on high power.
  • Easy to start vacuuming
  • Runtime: It is so quick that within 20-25 mins you can clean 3 rooms.
  • Flexibility: The tool is extremely flexible.
  • Cleaning the filter, and the entire vacuum is a blow as its metal-based filter and can wash in water.
  • The suction power has on the lower side.
  • The Suction without the floor turbo brush tool is also not that great.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty dusting.

5) Philips PowerPro FC9352/01-Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (Blue)

Philips PowerPro FC9352-01-Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (Blue)

Power pro Compact bagless vacuum cleaner provides durable suction power for the best cleaning results. Its low-noise and compact design make the cleaner easy to use and maintain. The blower function of this efficient cleaner lets you blow out dust from hard-to-reach corners. This powerful cleaner comes with enough cord length for free movement.

Features: –
  • Powercyclone 5-technology separates dust from the air. Multiclean nozzle for thorough floor cleaning.
  • Turbo Brush removes 25-percent more hairs and dirt. Advanced dust container design for hygienic emptying.
  • Active lock couplings easily adjust to every task.
  • Soft brush integrated into the handle, always ready to use.
  • Lightweight and compact for freedom to move. Large wheels for better motion control.
  • Clean air filter system– EPA10 filter for healthy air.
  • Warranty of 2 years provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase.
  • It Includes- Unit, Accessories, User Manual, and Warranty Card.
  • Beautiful Design
  • Bagless and easy to clean
  • Powerful Suction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cleans pet hair very easily.
  • No blower
  • Price is on a higher side
  • Very few attachments.

6) Inalsa Spruce Vacuum Cleaner-1200W (Red and black) 

Inalsa Spruce Vacuum Cleaner-1200W (Red and black)

This vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful 1200W pure copper motor. The motor delivers strong Suction that picks up all the dirt quickly. In-built Blower Function. Compact and Convenient. 4.5m Long Cord. Filter Type- Cloth Bag. Motor Suction- 18 kPa. It Includes 2 Extension pipe and Flexible hose pipe. Crevice nozzle. Sofa brush with Slider. Floor cum carpet brush, Blower Plate.

Features: –
  • Powerful 1200W motor gives plenty of suction power with no drop in performance.
  • It has a High-filtration cloth dust bag that can wash and reuse.
  • It has wheels that can rotate up to 360 degrees. 
  • Less frequent emptying due to the 2-L capacity means cleaning is more convenient and less of a chore.
  • Temperature Overheat Protector that protects Spruce Vacuum Cleaner from overheating.
  • It has automatically shut off technology for safety’s sake after the cause has removed, and the appliance has cooled down. It is ready for use once again.
  • Hose Pipe length 130cm, Extension Pipe length 40cm, Thanks to 4.5 m long cord length.
  • It has a high suction power of 1200 W
  • lt has washable cloth dust bag which is more than enough if you are using it at home for personal use
  • Extension pipes
  • 2-year warranty
  • Temperature overheat protector
  • A tube can reach its maximum of 8ft.
  • It comes with a powerful blower, and the blower function is under power because of the air leakage at the blower plate.
  • The plastic quality of attachments should be improved.

7) Black and Decker vh802-in 800w Hand-held Vaccum Cleaner (White)

Black and Decker vh802-in 800w Hand-held Vaccum Cleaner (White)

It cleans every corner of your home. It makes use of blower function to blow out the dust from the areas which are hard to approach. This multifunctional vacuum cleaner comes with 8 attachments, turbo brush for carpet cleaning, soft extension hose to clean difficult-to-reach areas, and a transparent bowl with 0.9 liters capacity for more extended use.

Features: –
  • The powerful 800-watt motor helps in thorough cleaning. Transparent bowl with 0.9liter capacity for more extended use.
  • Turbo brush for carpet cleaning.
  • Filter Turbo brush for carpet cleaning, Blower function with special attachments to blow out dirt and dust.
  • Blower function with unique accessories to blow out dirt and grime.
  • Soft extension hose helps clean difficult to reach areas—two additional accessories for crevice and sofa cleaning.
  • It Includes a Vacuum cleaner unit, a Turbo brush, Multi-purpose brush, Crevice plus upholstery brush, 2 Extension tubes, Flexible hose, and Shoulder strap.
  • Excellent suction power along with blower function
  • It is easy to handle and clean
  • Good Quality of Plastic Body And Attachments
  • A lightweight, handy vacuum cleaner with all standard accessories.
  • In a short time, it gets overheated.
  • Sometimes turns off entirely after overheating.
  • A little bit noisy.

8) Deerma Dx700 2 In 1 Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner

Deerma Dx700 2 In 1 Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner

IT is a super cool product designed by Xiaomi. It brings you an advanced hand-held vacuum cleaner with a black hole suction technology with high turbulence for high power that uses for cleaning on all surfaces along with its powerful HEPA filter. The space cleaner effectively eliminates allergens from your households.

Features: –
  • BlackHole-suction technology with side turbulence for high power cleaning on all areas.
  • It helps to the elimination of allergens from your home with a 3-layer HEPA Filtration system.
  • Cleverly designed reach every corner of your home with 180-degree rotation head. 
  • A lightweight body of 2.2Kgs makes it carry around easily and produces less noise.
  • Relatively light
  • Strong Suction (enough for picking up dirt and hair and mat debris)
  • Strange design
  • Heating issue
  • More brush expected on the roller.
  • Strange design
  • The cardholder is useless. It comes off very quickly unless you are diligent

9) KENT Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner 2000Watt (White and Silver)

KENT Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner 2000Watt (White and Silver)

Kent gives you an advanced technology vacuum cleaner that removes dry dirt and also collects wet spills. It has the most efficient motor, along with a powerful suction force that provides clean, dust-free surroundings. Its body looks like a robot. Although it is not a robot, it is your smart cleaner.

Features: –
  • It has a mind-blowing Blower function. High efficient motor; Input Power Supply- Single Phase 220 V, AC 50 Hz; Power Cord Length- 5 m. Rubberized wheel
  • Ten liters dust collection capacity. Lightweight and low noise operation along with 1 Year Warranty. Power- 1200watts.
  • It includes a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, Flexible hose, Extension tube, Crevice tool, Floor brush, Wet brush, Filter bag, and User guide.
  • Very powerful.
  • Great built quality.
  • Bagless function.
  • We can use in Dry & Wet and Blower function.
  • Deafening loudness.
  • It does not have Dust Brush and padding attachment.
  • It is a bagless vacuum cleaner. It is tough to clean and empty the tank. 
  • The HEPA filter becomes very dusty.

10) Electrolux Cyclone Ultra 2300w Bagless Hepa Vacuum Cleaner

Electrolux Cyclone Ultra 2300w Bagless Hepa Vacuum Cleaner

The Z7315 Cyclone Ultra cylinder cleaner is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and can store in minimal spaces. Extremely powerful with 2300w motor and variable power. It includes an additional turbo nozzle for removing stubborn fibers from stairs, ideal for pet owners. It comes with a HEPA filter ideal for allergy sufferers.

Features: –
  • Powerful 2300W motor with HEPA.
  • It includes the Turbo Nozzle.
  • Cyclonic Action- No Need For Dustbags.
  • Variable Power Control.
  • Metal Telescopic Extension Tube.
  • Tool Caddy- Upholstery nozzle and Crevice Nozzle.
  • 5m cord length with rewind.
  • 8m Cleaning radius.
  • Consume power of 2000 and above.
  • It has a powerful motor of 2300W.
  • An extension tube is just awesome.
  • Lightweight and handy.
  • Strong Suction.
  • Useful for pets.
  • It cleans only dry dust.
  • The filter clogs up sometimes within a short time.
  • The dust does not get through to the dust collector.

I hope so your all doubts are clear now regarding The 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners in India if you have any doubt you can comment down below.

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