9 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2021 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India have been a necessity in any compact kitchen. Vents may provide a specific location for both appliances and equipment for cooking. They may also preserve the joy of cooking by removing the smoke saturated in oil from the kitchen and steaming.

While many chimneys made available for technology and innovation, finding the best stack can be quite challenging to see if the technical aspects of vents are unconscious.

There can be no question of superior kitchen chimneys to conventional exhaust fans, who only can rid themselves of the smoke. At the same time, further cleansings needed for other impurities, such as carbon, oil, etc.

We have collected reviews of the Indian market’s best chimneys according to their cost, features, size, brand, and many more. Check out the below-mentioned reviews and buyers’ guide.

9 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2021

1. Bosch chimney 90CM 800 m3 / hr

Bosch chimney 90CM 800 m3-hr
Bosch chimney 90CM 800 m3-hr

Bosch offers a complete range of home appliances that design to deliver quality services at all levels. The suction power is 800 m3 / hr and is ideal for low frying and grilling for kitchen sizes under 100 sq ft.

This chimney comes with a 90 cm size and a cost-effective cassette filter, which requires cleaning every two weeks. The product is of an angular type and mounted on a wall. It comes in with a 73 dB noise level.

Features: –
  • Noise level- Our specially built motor can produce higher suction strength at a noise level of as low as 55 DB
  • Size: 90 cm (3-5 wall mounted chimney burner stove)
  • Extraction rate: remarkable 800 m3 / h capacity guarantees efficient extraction of air.
  • Filtration system: It Has Heavy-duty stainless steel Baffle filters for high-performance removal of grease. 
  • Design- Have a body of steel and a finish of the glass. The stylish, traditional front of this chimney offers elegance to your kitchen. The black color gives for beauty and elegance.
  • Illumination: LED lighting is extremely energy effective and provides the hob area with beautiful, green, and even illumination—filtration system: Light duty stainless steel Baffle filters for maximum performance extraction of grease.
  • Power – This chimney has a voltage of 220 volts and a 0.35-kilowatt-hour energy output, and operates on electricity alone. The suction power is outstanding, and the motor is robust.
  • Super sturdy packing and great product.
  • Product quality is too high quality.
  • It is easy to install and also easy to use.
  • Looks extremely pleasant
  • The electricity supply & voltage is perfectly fine.
  • Service issue

2. Eurodomo Onyx PB BK 60 Kitchen Chimney

Eurodomo Onyx PB BK 60 Kitchen Chimney
Eurodomo Onyx PB BK 60 Kitchen Chimney

Eurodomo’s superior performance, fast and easy installation, style, and features are recognized worldwide and offer the best price. A stylish, elegant, and efficient product for a healthy, smoke-free environment.

With higher suction and a black body, the efficiency and stability of the chimney are long-lasting. The fireplace is 60 cm in height and 1050 m3 / h in extraction. It’s perfect for fast cooking or frying for a kitchen of over 200 m2, and the fireplace is ideal for a 2–4 furnace and placed on the wall. 

Features: –
  • Button- The push-button allows for easy and fast operation whenever used. It comes with an elegant design, and it is a great place.
  • High-quality baffle filter- A high-quality baffle filter is included in this chimney to remove dirt, dust, and smoke particles. It has to be serviced less and maintained once a month.
  • Elegant Design– This onyx PB BK 60 chimney from the Eurodomo is the ideal choice for every modern kitchen and is the highlight with a black, sleek glass body.
  • LED-lamp- With those LED lamps, your cooking is effortless. The chimney has two LED lights that effectively brighten the atmosphere in your kitchen.
  • Suction Capacities– It comes with 58 dB of noise and 1050m3 / hr of suction capacity. The voltage is 230 volts, and 190 watts of power. This chimney runs on electricity.
  • Good looking product 
  • Low noise & efficient
  • Cleaning and service within warranty period demonstration also
  • The complete installation was free and the best service.
  • ECONOMICAL in the category.
  • Good Look. 
  • It has LED lamps. 
  • Three fan speeds.
  • Not found

3. Elica auto clean chimney review 90 cm 1200 m3/hr

Elica auto clean chimney review 90 cm 1200 m3-hr
Elica auto clean chimney review 90 cm 1200 m3-hr

In India, now Elica is the first Kitchen Chimneys of the whole world. Your kitchen is the place to combine tastes, textures, and taste with the traditional family food and the pleasure to spend time together. Modernity has made the kitchen into a significant place – the core of family love and affection.

Elica has a beautiful style, so any time you cook, your kitchen is new and clean. Hot AutoClean technology utilizes a heating system to extract oily particles from the oil collector.

Features: –
  • BLACK FINISH GLOSSY- This WD HAC TOUCH BF 90 BK Chimney elegantly designed features black glossy finish that adds a visual appeal to its aesthetics.
  • PANEL TOUCH CONTROL- Enhance your kitchen look with the charming WD HAC TOUCH BF 90 BK kitchen chimney!
  • POWER EFFICIENT.- It is an easy and efficient chimney that uses less electricity without you needing to worry about the electricity bill.
  • Oil collector- The oil collector conveniently collects oil and other waste. The rust-free style is based on stainless steel and promises durability and hassle-free clean.
  • Quick LED- LED lamps have designed to make cooking easy. Lights are never going to be a problem as you cook.
  • AIRFLOW MAX (1200 m^3 /hr)- WD HAC TOUCH BF 90 BK comes with a suction power of 1200cubic meters per hour, providing comfort and helping your kitchen stay fresh because it is less loud, low maintenance and energy-efficient.
  • AUTO-CLEAN HEAT TECHNOLOGY-  Advanced with the heat automotive cleaning technology that solves with a button the problem of cleaning your chimney.
  • Good delivery services and excellent products. 
  • It is quiet 
  • Efficient and good productS
  • Service is good
  • Design is most beautiful
  • Finishing is too good
  • Expensive

4. Hindware 90cm 1200-m3/hr auto clean chimney

Hindware 90cm 1200-m3-hr auto clean chimney
Hindware 90cm 1200-m3-hr auto clean chimney

The chimney from Hindware Nevio at an affordable market rate. The perfect design of the durable auto-cleaning stack makes it more efficient. The Hindware Nevio chimney absorbs smoke and fuses from the cooking items and does not permit gas to spread throughout the whole house.

A sleek white auto clean fireplace helps to enhance the interior elegance of the kitchen. The chimney from Hindware Nevio is the 3rd-century chimney. It has a pump for stainless steel fresh air to pass through the pipes without gasoline. This lightweight kitchen equipment has a constant airflow to keep a kitchen free from toxic smoke.

Features: –
  • Cleaning– In only one touch of a button, it helps to remove chemicals and oils in the chimney.
  • Production of Max Air– This chimney combines its elegant appearance and advanced technology with a suction capacity of 1,200 m3 / hr for maintaining a smoke-free, fresh kitchen.
  • Baffle- This filter causes oil and other waste to pass through the smoke and helps the air to travel through the filters, usually for free.
  • LED lamps with low power efficiency– This chimney, equipped with 2 LED lights, lights up your kitchen cabinets with lower power consumption.
  • One-touch control– Thanks to its one-touch control, the process is easy, and the kitchen set is excellent.
  • Excellent and proper working. 
  • Parts are strong.
  • Suction capacity is very high.
  • The best design.
  • Inbuilt LEd lights
  • Suction Fan 3step-speed control. It helps when we cook different menus.
  • Perfect packaging.
  • The quality of the lights is terrible.

5. Faber Hood Crest 60 cm Kitchen Hood 

Faber Hood Crest 60 cm Kitchen Hood
Faber Hood Crest 60 cm Kitchen Hood

Packed with a Metal Blower motor and a durable 1200 m3 / hr suction. Hood Crest provides easy to manage and use, where you don’t have to waste any time on chimney cleaning. Its unique control function allows you to operate without touching the control panel. Faber Chimney combines efficiency, beauty, and technology to perfection. The chimney has a 5-year generator & rotor warranty and a 1-year robust warranty.

Features: –
  • A powerful motor- For efficient suction capacity, Faber Hoods come with a powerful engine. It also ensures a long service life and less noise because it is powerful.
  • Control with touch-It enables simple operation with just one touch with Touch Control and makes the kitchen hood a simple and easy product to use.
  • LED led lights: The product includes 2 LED lamps with very little power consumption. It provides an excellent view during the cooking process.
  • The Collector of Oil: Cup gathers oil and other pollution so that the chimney stays clear.
  • Auto Washing Equipment: The chimney completely removes kitchen oil and smoke. Auto-cleaning helps to remove oil particles by one touch.
  • Prompt delivery and look is amazing
  • Happy with d product
  • Stylish in looks
  • Comparatively less noise
  • Suction power is good.
  • Beautiful Led lights
  • Automatic On and off with hand waves.

6. Seavy Ciaz Black Titanium Kitchen Chimney 

Seavy Ciaz Black Titanium Kitchen Chimney
Seavy Ciaz Black Titanium Kitchen Chimney

A Seavy kitchen chimney with stainless steel enhances the environment, making it a durable addition to your urban kitchen. Installing this Seavy Ciaz wall-mounted chimney brings more elegance and versatility to your kitchen.

This chimney efficiently removes oil and greasy products accumulated during the cooking process, with its 120 CMH suction capability, auto cleaning technologies, and a cup filter, keeping your kitchen as good as new for years.

Features: –
  • Clean Technology– A advanced and innovative thermal self-cleaning technology is provided in Seavy Ciaz with a self-cleaning, wall-mounted chimney to eliminate any manual input. 
  • Higher capacity for suction – This chandelier has a higher suction capacity. It perfectly designed for Indian cooking, so your guests and friends will enjoy their food without the sweetening aroma of escape. 
  • Filters and Baffle– In your time preparing tasty food for your mates, the auto-clean, wall-mounted furnace from Seavy Ciaz filters remove the grease, eliminating oil and smoke from the cooking.
  • LED lighting– The chimney comes with two LED lights strategically positioned to make your cuisine look more stylish and help you concentrate on the delicacies that offered to your friends.
  • A powerful motor-With a powerful, well-disguised motor
  • Stylish design.-This the chimney is made of stainless steel and is elegantly crafted and durable.
  • Touch Control-The chimney is incredibly simple to use, equipped with a feather touch control. This durable chimney offers a safe and cozy kitchen setting with a simple tap. 
  • Good product. 
  • little noisy,
  • the chimney works flawlessly, and it looks good
  • Dual baffle filter.
  • Touch screen. 
  • It has High-performance spec with budget rates.
  • The touch panel is handy.
  • The suction of airflow is fabulous.
  • Cost-effective
  • Installation activity very fast.
  • Pipe was damaged

7. Glen 6071 Kitchen Chimney

Glen 6071 Kitchen Chimney
Glen 6071 Kitchen Chimney

The Glen 6071 EX is a curved Glass Kitchen Chimney, designed in perfect union with stainless steel to give your modern kitchen that elegant look. It comes with an easy-to-clean Stainless Steel baffle filter, which lasts a lifetime.

A Lifetime Warranty comes along. The durable 1000 m3 / h suction throws the smoke from the pan to the outside and makes sure your kitchen is odor-free, and the walls are clean of any dirt. To brighten up the cooking area, it has 2 LED lamps.

This chimney provides all the airflow in the cooking room to actively extract oils and provide fresh air to get the kitchen out of lubricants and ensure that the kitchen is maintained.

Features: –
  • LED lighting -It has eco friendly and powerful LED lamps that last a long time. They ideally placed for illumination.
  • Design of curved glass-This chimney has a gracefully curved model made of premium materials. It also brings a sense of beauty to your home, aside from being robust.
  • Stainless Steel- The powerful Baffle Filter with dynamic airflow, simple to clean, lasts a long time.
  • Airflow Fluid- Thanks to its sophisticated design, the airflow is not that. The sticky pools may also store without blocking the tank. It facilitates the cleaning of the chemical.
  • Product quality is Good. 
  • The fan makes a little noise
  • Blower speed is slow
  • Installation cost is higher
  • Excellent product & reasonable price
  • Bad installment experience

8. Sunflame Kitchen Chimney 

Sunflame Kitchen Chimney
Sunflame Kitchen Chimney

Sunflame has consistently tried to give homemakers the best in technology and transform cooking into an exciting and enjoyable activity with their involvement in Indian food for more than three decades. We continuously evolve in our continuous attempts to gain a real understanding of our customers’ desires and expectations.

It’s also a perfect location for working without smell, smokes, and fumes in the oven. There are several things in Indian kitchens such as ghee or cooking oil that produce lots of smoke. Chimneys are also crucial for any kitchen. Compared to traditional fireplaces, they are more involved in keeping the kitchen air clean and smoke-free.

Features: –
  • Baffle filters- Baffle filters are equipped with stainless steel and are suitable for Indian kitchens. The Regal 60 SS contains an oil collector that only permits the free flow of air through the filters.
  • Self-Cleaning Software- With the advanced heat automation technology, the cleaning of the chimney has become simple to remove oil and grass particles that affect the chimney’s suction capacities.
  • Prime Model-Built with a glass shell with Stainless Steel. An easy way to attach a bit of elegance to a healthy kitchen.
  • light-The Regal 60 SS comes with two powerful, compelling LED lights. It offers the right illumination for consumers as they cook.
  • Product is good 
  • value for money and proper working 
  • Kitchen Friendly
  • Auto Clean Chimney
  • Awesome performance
  • Excellent product to use natural and safely
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Expensive

9. Faber 90cm 1200 m3/hr heat auto clean chimney 

Faber 90cm 1200 m3-hr heat auto clean chimney
Faber 90cm 1200 m3-hr heat auto clean chimney

Faber Hood Crest HC SC is an oil collector clean heat automotive chimney that comes with filterless technology. It Packed with a metal mixer and a motor with high capacity. The suction is secure and is 1200 m3 / h. Hood Crest offers easy maintenance and ease of use, where you don’t have to spend any more time cleaning your chimneys.

Faber Chimney combines performance, looks, and technology perfectly. The stack starts with a 5-year guarantee on the motor and the fan, plus a 1-year full warranty. Without demanding special care, this Faber Wall-mounted chimney keeps your kitchen free of smell and smell.

Features: –
  • Without filters – The lack of filters ensures that this chimney is easy to maintain or clean. 
  • Noiseless- Cook without caring about the constant noises of this chimney. 
  • Control of touch – This feature lets you operate with only one bit of this chimney. 
  • Collector of crude – To keep the chimney clean, it collects oils and other residues from your cooking tests. 
  • LED Light bulbs – Two LED lamps illuminate the kitchen counter in this cheminée to have a reliable source of light during cooking. 
  • Cleaning Technology – The accumulation of oil and grease in the chimney can lead to suction depletion.
  • Good Quality Chimney delivered on time.
  • Most economical chimney in filter-less series from a top brand !!
  • Working Efficiently and meeting the purpose with ease.
  • Professional installation service provided by Faber, Installation team was professional and installed the chimney correctly.
  • The product looks classy & Sturdy. 
  • The sensors are working fine. 
  • some noise in the chimney

Buyer’s Guides for Chimney


Let’s begin with the most significant feature, or the air suction capacity should matter most. That is the main feature that signifies the ability to consume smoke, oil, and smell in the kitchen chimney. It measured in m3 / hour cubic meters.

Select a chimney based on your kitchen size. Ideally, it should at least ten times per hour be possible for the stack to recycle the air effectively. Wide-sleeved chimneys can remove air easily and more efficiently. 60 cm in height with the suction capability of 1,000–1,100 cubic m / h is the right model/choice for a small family height and a regular kitchen.


Chimney filter types classified into three categories based on structure, material, and filtering process.

• cassette filter

• Baffle filter (best for Indian food)

• carbon filter


The price of the regular electric chimneys ranges between Rs 10,000 and Rs 25,000, depending on height, finish, suction power, and other features. Many companies often produce excellent models with updated features that render a wise choice possible.

When you have a smaller budget, a traditional chimney with aluminum mesh filters rather than blast filters may be preferred. The only thing is that such meshes will be washed every 3 to 4 days.

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