10 Best Jigsaw Machine in India 2020

The jigsaw machine is considered to be the most prominent tool. This is usually found in a woodworker or a tool kit of a hobbyist. Additionally, the jigsaw cutter is the second most used power tool after the Power Drill. This machine is usually found in a woodworker’s workshop. These machines are portable as well as versatile. The punching of the device will help one to cut exact designs. The designs can be from primary straight lines to delicate curves according to the choice of the users.

This machine can work beautiful cuts on plywood or wood. Additionally, these machines can carve out metal, countertops, tiles, and laminate flooring materials. The power and standard are significant for a jigsaw machine. The users should keep three things in mind before purchasing a jigsaw machine.

  • Type of the machine: This refers to whether the cutter is corded or cordless. The jigsaw cutters that are corded are usually heavy duty. These are generally used by professionals and full-time furniture makers, personnel of workshops and many more. On the other hand, cordless works great for people in household chores and hobbyists. Additionally, these are light in weight and are compact.
  • Power: The power rating is generally 600 watts. This power rating is of a cordless hobby styled. The emphasis tends to increase depending on the heavy-duty nature of the machine.
  • Blades: The blades are considered to be the essential elements of a jigsaw cutter. Additionally, the name of the edges of a jigsaw cutter is given after the material they are cut. 

There are many other features that the buyers must keep in mind before purchasing a jigsaw machine in India. The “Buying Guide” will help the buyers to buy the device according to their choice. 

10 Best Jigsaw Machine in India

1) Black & Decker Jigsaw 

Black & Decker Jigsaw

This model of the jigsaw machine has a variable set of speed. Additionally, it has a slightly auto select. The power of the device is 600 W. The irregular strokes present have the ability to be ranged between 800 to 3200 strokes per minute. The action is linear. Additionally, the pendulum is absent, and the story of it is also unavailable.

The action of the pendulum allows the users for a fast cutting. On the other hand, the slight channel allows the users to follow a line for a single cut. Additionally, the machine arrives with a lock-on switch. The bevel cut angle ranges between 0 degrees to 45 degrees.


This machine is provided with a single blade. This blade can cut wood of 85 mm deep. For the steel blade, the depth of cut is 5 mm. Lastly, it is 15mm for aluminium. 

The dust blower is also available along with the dust extraction in the machine. This is available for a better clean up and a soft grip to make the holding much more comfortable. The blade, known as the magnetic on-board blade, will allow the users to store a wide range of edges inside the tool itself.

The size of the pad is 2 inches. The vibration level is 2.5 m/ sec. This level is quite decent. The voltage that the machine requires is 220 to 240 V. The current that is needed to operate is 1.6 Ampere. The warranty for the device is 1 year from the date of purchase.

  • This is a corded jigsaw cutter.
  • The power rating is 600 W.
  • It has a blade storage compartment.
  • This has a dust blower and dust extraction.
  • The number of strokes per minute is between 800 to 3200.
  • It has variable speed.
  • The machine possesses a pendulum action.
  • This allows depth cut.
  • The machine should be handled with care by the users. Otherwise, it will get damaged before due time.

2) Bosch GST Jigsaw

Bosch GST Jigsaw

This design is considered to be economical as well as durable. This is available in a wide range of combinations in the market. The speed can be altered with the use of a variable speed wheel. This will help to suit the rate that is required o cut a particular think. This machine is designed compactly for minimal vibration. Additionally, this is lightweight along with a slim handle for better DIY usage.


The machine has a variable speed between 800 to 3100 strokes per minute on a no-load rate. On the other hand, this machine does not have pendulum action. This is suitable for both straight as well as curved cuts. The mitre angles range from 0 degrees to 45 degrees.

The machine can make different cuts as for the depth of the cuts. The centre is 65 mm for wood, 5 mm for steel and 10 mm for aluminium. These are generally made for carpenters, woodworkers and other similar workers. 

The users can buy into a combo of the jigsaw with a marble cutter or an angle grinder. This can be purchased apart from just the jigsaw. There is no warranty mentioned for the machine by the manufacturers. 

  • This is a 650 W corded jigsaw cutter machine.
  • This makes minimal vibration.
  • This machine is light in weight and suitable for professional usage.
  • This machine possesses variable speed settings.
  • It has a depth cut capacity. 
  • This has no warranty specifications.
  • It has no pendulum action.
  • This machine could have used a few more details.

3) KHADIJA HI-MAX Powerful Jigsaw

KHADIJA HI-MAX Powerful Jigsaw

This machine is mostly used for carpentry and other areas of work. On the other hand, this product lacks a massive lot of professionalism. For example, the lining guide is absent or the parallel RIP guide to the base. This does not help with RIP cuts. Additionally, the blades to struggle to fit into the machine.

The warranty on the machine is not mentioned. This falls under disadvantages. This machine also possesses LED light which proves to be quite useful to the users. 


Variable speed knobs are available on this machine. The motor’s power is 710 W. Number of a set of blades present in the device is 10 pieces. The notch that is present in the front end is handy. The users can even improve the overall quality of the cut on many types of materials as well as different tasks.

  • This is a corded jigsaw cutter with the power of 720 W.
  • It has variable speed settings.
  • It has an LED light.
  • The blade set provided is 10 in number.
  • The manufacturer does not mention the warranty.
  • This has no guided cuts or pendulum action.
  • The product literature is absent.

4) Dewalt Heavy Duty Jigsaw

Dewalt Heavy Duty Jigsaw

This jigsaw cutter is an entry-level heavy-duty machine. The power of the device is 500 W, and it is compact and ergonomic. Additionally, the design gives ample comfort to the users. 

This machine is versatile and is light in weight. The dust extraction shield is of low profile. This machine has bi-directional vacuum spot for a clean, efficient as well as cutting edge performance. The base plates of these machines define the quality of the jigsaw cutter. On the other hand, the quality of the device depends on the metal housing. 


This machine undergoes compressive stress that is quite huge, and it is noticed while using the device. The gearbox cannot be handle, unlike the metal gear housing of the rest of the machines. 

On the other hand, the blade suffers as it is not perpendicular to the base plate. Additionally, the machine comes with a speed control knob. The warranty for the device is 1 year from the date of purchase.

  • This is an ergonomic build with the entry-level corded machine.
  • This is light in weight.
  • The power used is 500W.
  • It has speed control knobs.
  • The warranty is of 1 year.
  • The Nylon, which is considered to be healthy, does not deal with stress.
  • This machine could have better features and more quality.

5) POWERTUFF Powerful Jigsaw

POWERTUFF Powerful Jigsaw

This machine is considered to be the economical yet heavy-duty jigsaw machine. The rugged heavy-duty that it possesses is 710 W. This has a variable speed trigger.

Additionally, the trigger helps in improving the quality of the cut. This will help in enhancing the performance of the material. The cutting length of the machine is 70 mm. This machine arrives in the market with a total of 5 free jigsaw blades. These can be used to cut both wood and metal too.


The speed is 3000 RPM, and it is the highest speed of the machine. The strokes per minute are quite decent. Additionally, this machine is considered to be perfect for DIY projects and many more.

On the other hand, the product’s warranty is not mentioned by the manufacturers, which is quite a disappointment to the users.

  • This machine is quite budget-friendly.
  • This is easy to use and perfect for beginners.
  • The power is 710 W which is of heavy-duty.
  • The cutting length is 70mm.
  • This machine has 5 free blades.
  • It has variable speed.
  • This machine is not so good for the professionals.
  • This lacks warranty.
  • This machine could have been better if more features were added, and the quality of the product is maintained.

6) SKIL Orbital Laser Jigsaw

SKIL Orbital Laser Jigsaw

This model provides power as well as precision at a very affordable price. This machine is considered to be great for woodworking or metal project. Additionally, this jigsaw machine which is corded has an adjustable orbital setting. This helps the users to set the type of cut that is desired from fast to smooth.


The motor of the machine is of 6 Amp that provides a very high work speed. The stable foot design means that the users can get more control when starting to cut. This ensures that the finished workpiece is smooth and clean. This has an in-built laser guide. This ensures that every cut made by the users is accurate.

  • The laser guide feature for improved accuracy.
  • It has 4 orbital adjustments and has variable speed settings.
  • The large ergonomic handle helps the users to work comfortably.
  • This lacks warranty.
  • This machine could have been better if more features were added, and the quality of the product is maintained.

7) Makita Jigsaw

Makita Jigsaw

This machine is of high quality and is an industrial-strength jigsaw. The jigsaw is corded and has the current of 3.9 amp of the motor. This is capable of delivering speed that ranges between 500 to 3,100 SPM. This machine can work quickly, even in the most demanding projects. 


This machine includes an aluminium die-cast base with a rubberized grip and ergonomic handles. The motor is slightly less powered but still provides enough speed. Additionally, this machine has a compact design with a weight of 4.2 lb. This machine actually comes loaded with useful features.

  • The capability of speed is 3,100 SPM.
  • This machine is corded.
  • It has increased durability and stability.
  • This lacks warranty.
  • This machine could have been better if more features were added, and the quality of the product is maintained.
  • Provides less power.

8) Bosch Barrel-Grip Jigsaw

Bosch Barrel-Grip Jigsaw

This machine is considered to be the best jigsaw in its class. This tool is designed to be sturdy with the motor current of 7 amp. Additionally, it includes a die-cast foot with steel insert as well as barrel-grip.


This machine possesses excellent features. A blade ejection level is provided that allows the users to remove a hot blade without touching it. Additionally, it has adjustable dust blower, which is perfect for cutting line clear. Lastly, this machine provides precision, accuracy as well as durable power package.

  • This has a reliable, durable aluminium gearbox.
  • A sizeable ergonomic barrel grip handle provides comfort and stability.
  • This has built-in dust blower, plunging mechanism and many more features to achieve smooth, precise cuts.
  • This lacks warranty.
  • This machine could have been better if more features were added, and the quality of the product is maintained.



This machine is cordless and runs on a rechargeable battery which is 20V MAX Lithium battery. Additionally, this machine is lightweight as well as durable. The speed of cutting is 2,500 SPM. The 3 orbital settings are present. This helps in adjusting the cut aggressiveness depending on the application of the users. 


This machine is incredibly versatile and beveling shoe. It has a free-tool blade release. This machine is excellent for cutting through various metals and wood materials. These machines are not required for the plugin.

  • It possesses a powerful rechargeable battery.
  • It has a large ergonomic handle.
  • It has 45-degree bevel cutting ability.
  • The machine offers mobility.
  • This lacks warranty.
  • This machine could have been better if more features were added, and the quality of the product is maintained.

10) DEWALT Top-Handle Jigsaw

DEWALT Top-Handle Jigsaw

This is considered to be robust and has durable power tools. The machine runs with a 6.5 amp motor that ranges between 500 to 3,100 SPM. This is extremely versatile and has 4 orbital actions. The device has variable speed control that helps in making adjustments and makes it perfect for different applications.


This machine is designed with all-metal gearcase. It is quite durable and can do the most challenging task. The addition of a plastic and a shoe cover makes the machine ideal for cutting through even the most delicate material. This is sturdy and delivers clean, accurate results. This is versatile, as well.

  • The ergonomic handle provides comfort and stability.
  • This has a lock-on feature that allows the users to focus on precision.
  • This has 4 orbital adjustments with various speed.
  • This lacks warranty.
  • This machine could have been better if more features were added, and the quality of the product is maintained.
  • The battery is absent.

Buying Guide For Best Jigsaw Machine in India

The jigsaw cutters are considered to be a powerful tool. These powerful tools can be handled more suitably by expert hobbyists or people with professional expertise. The buying guide will help the users to choose the best machine before purchasing.

The factors that the users should keep in mind to choose the best jigsaw cutter are as follows:

#1 Power

This rating will show how heavy duty the machine can get. The general management of the machine is 600 W. On the other hand, the power rating for high-level corded machines is between 1000 to 2000 W. High powered devices are used to cut and carve out heavy metals.

These are usually used at an industrial level. On the other hand, this is not ideal for everyday household purpose. The power-up to 350W is used for small efficiency and low cutting strength. The 500 W is used for medium cutting strength, whereas 700 W is used for high cutting strength. Lastly, 850W is used for high levels on par with the 700 W models.

#2 Blades

The blades are chosen according to the item that the users are about to cut. The metal cutting blade is used for cutting metals, and the wood cutting blade is used to cut wood. The edges can be differentiated according to some of the features. They are as follows:

  1. The blades are varied with a different number of teeth per inch.
  2. It arrives with cutting edges for soft material.
  3. Cranked blades are used for flush cutting setback removal.
  4. Thin blades can be used for better and sleeker curve cuts.
  5. Knives that are known as push stroke blades are used for safe, top surface cuts.

These blades arrive in the market with a label as in which material they can best cut. 

#3 Strokes per minute

This actually refers to the speed at which the machine can deliver in a single minute. The average stroke speed ranges from 800 to about 3200 strokes per minute. The strokes are differentiated into fast, medium and slow.

#4 Variable Speed

The machines’ speed can be varied according to how the users set up the machine’s speed. The top rate of the device is determined by the maximum strokes of the blade per minute. Some of the machines arrive in the market with a variable speed knob. On the other hand, some of them are available with strict speed settings. 

#5 Orbital Action

This is referred to as the fashion of the motion of the blade. These orbital action jigsaw cutters are moved so that the edge moves slightly to the front and then returns. These will help the users give a far effective, smoother, and a neat cut than the standard motion. Helps in reducing wear and tear. The recent jigsaw machines are available with this orbital action.

#6 Weight

The heavy-duty machines can cause spoiling of current cuts as the hand of the users may not adequately hold them. The users are recommended to look at the weight of the machines before purchasing. On the other hand, lighter devices lead to more comfortable as well as smoother cuts. It is to remember by the users that, the weight is dependent on and is directly related to the power rating of the machine. 

#7 Additional Features

The other features are enlisted below

  • Simple Blade Change System: This is used to change the blade in a single click.
  • Blade storage: This has the ability to store the blades in a plastic which is attached.
  • Duct extraction system: This either acts as a filter or can be connected to a vacuum cleaner to make the working space free from wood chips.
  • Dust blowers: This will help to improve the visibility of the cutting line.
  • Cutting Guide: This could be linear that will help to minimize the blade deviation.
  • Tilting Baseplate: This helps in getting accurate cutting angle up to 45 degrees.
  • Chip Guards: It surrounds the blade and helps in reducing chipping.
  • Handle Grip: This is more comfortable than the barrel grip.

#8 Warranty

The users are recommended to choose a machine according to the assurance given by the manufacturers. The broad range lies between 6 months to 1 year.

Types of Jigsaw Cutters

There are two types of jigsaw cutters. The jigsaw cutters are enlisted below:

1) Corded Jigsaw Cutters:

These machines are usually as well as widely used. Additionally, these cutters are available in corded variants only. This type of device is said to be the most powerful ones. The reason is that they are connected with a continuous supply of power. Thus they have no charging hassles with their limitless run-times.

These machines are handy for cutting through rigid materials. The materials that are used are metal or hardwood. These cutters tend to weigh comparatively lesser than the rest of their cordless counterparts.

On the other hand, these machines arrive with few drawbacks. The length of the cord is limited, and this makes it challenging to be portable. This machine cannot be used apart from the garage or places with the pluggable supply of power.

2) Cordless Jigsaw Cutter Machines:

This is considered a portable model and much on the rage. These machines are flexible in their usage. These machines possess batteries that need to be changed, or models can be used differently.

This is highly portable for onsite work. This type of machine is prevalent among trade smiths and professionals. They are compact as well and come with their fair share of drawbacks. The drawback is that it cannot do everything. The power of the battery is limited. On the other hand, these machines are not so ideal.


The article will provide the best jigsaw machines in India that can be bought online by the users. The buyers are recommended to study the devices well before purchasing. Most of the machines are budget-friendly. The users should buy the machine according to their need.

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