10 Best Inverter AC in India 2021

The inverter AC is considered to be one of the best ways to beat the heat during the summer season in India. The reason is that the inverter ACs consumes 30 to 40 % less power consumption to that of regular ACs. This type of ACs helps to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the night. 

The buyers are advised to consider 3 main factors before purchasing. This will be quite useful to them as well.

1) Capacity: The capacity is essential for proper cooling. The models that are of smaller size cannot provide sufficient cooling for large rooms. On the other hand, if a large capacity AC is used for smaller spaces, then it would be a waste of money on power bills. 

The guidelines are enlisted below:

  1. For minimal areas – 0.75-ton inverter AC is suitable.
  2. For a small room, 1-ton inverter AC is preferred.
  3. For medium room – 1.5-ton inverter AC is necessary. 
  4. For large rooms- 2-ton inverter AC is essential.

2) Copper or Aluminium Coil: The coils are essential as well as responsible for transferring heat. The AC’s has either copper or aluminium coil. Additionally, it is said that copper coils have more heat transfer efficiency than that of aluminium. This has the best durability, and it is easy to maintain too.

3) Refrigerant: The refrigerants are responsible for cooing the air. Majority of the refrigerants cause ozone depletion as well as global warming. The users are recommended to prefer inverter AC models. These are environment friendly as well.

10 Best Inverter AC in India

1) Sanyo Inverter Split AC

Sanyo Inverter Split AC

This inverter AC has five-star energy ratings which are budget-friendly. The weight of the inverter is 1 ton. Additionally, this is a Japanese brand, and it possesses all the latest features at a minimal price.

This is said to be the best due to various reasons. The inverter is ISEER 4.6 star rated. This is said to be the most energy-efficient in the market. Additionally, this model cools well and fast. The premium features that it possesses are as follows. This includes copper condenser, air-filters, self-diagnosis and many more.

Model- SI/SO-10T5SCIA

Features: –

The smart features that the model holds are that it has a copper condenser, Anti-dust filters, self-diagnosis, Auto restart, remote of Backlit, fins that are anticorrosive, sleep function, the function of the timer, Eco-mode and R32 refrigerant.

The power consumption is around 597.37 units per year. Products that are present inside packages are indoor and outdoor units, interconnecting pipe, 2AAA Batteries, remote, Manual for assembling and lastly the warranty details.

The warranty for this model and condenser is 1 year, and that of the compressor is of 5 years. Additionally, this company has more than 400 service centres across India. The only problem is that of the installation charge, which is quite costly.

  • The rating of this model is 5- starred.
  • This is inexpensive.
  • The condenser is 100% copper.
  • It possesses anti-dust filters.
  • Property of self-diagnosis.
  • It has a fast cooling feature.
  • The model has high installation charge.

2) LG Inverter Split AC

LG Inverter Split AC KS-Q12YNXA

The company is said to be a premium brand. The model is known to be brilliant with a reliable performance as well as superior quality. The model is a little bit expensive. LG is excellent based on the quality as well as reliability. On the other hand, this model is less efficient at cooling and has only 3 BEE star ratings. This inverter has a copper anticorrosive compressor.

Model- KS-Q12YNXA

Features: –

This model has a dual inverter compressor. It has high-ambient cooling as well as anticorrosive copper compressor. This also has an energy-saving mode and contains a stabilizer free operation. The detector is of low refrigerant. The air-filter is HD in nature. Additionally, this includes dehumidifier. Lastly, the model has sleep mode as well as a timer.

The power consumption is 685.49 units. The products inside the package have many things like 1 outdoor as well as 1 indoor unit, 2 batteries, 1 connecting wire. This also has a remote, an installation plate, installation tape, manual for the users and lastly the warranty card. The warranty on this product as well as the condenser is of 1 year and 10 years on the compressor.

This company, i.e. LG, has a massive after-sales service network all over India. Professional engineers are sent by the company who will take care of the installation. 

  • The inverter is a dual inverter compressor.
  • It has a condenser, which is made of copper and is anticorrosive.
  • This possesses micro dust-filters.
  • The cooling is of high-ambient.
  • It has stable built quality.
  • The operation is stabilizer-free.
  • The inverter consumes more energy.
  • The model is expensive compared to other inverters.

3) Voltas Inverter Split AC

Voltas Inverter Split AC

The model arrives in the market with the copper condenser. It has a high ambient cooling condition. Additionally, the model has fast cooling air filters and many more. This model is more or less similar to that of LG. On the other hand, this has a much affordable price range. The monthly electricity bill will be a bit higher with Voltas.

Model- 173V JZJ (R32)

Features: –

There are many features of this model. It has a copper condenser with the high-ambient cooling feature. It has air- purifier as well as an in-built stabilizer. This is the environment – friendly as well and has a refrigerant. The power consumption of this model is 1008.2 units. The products that are included in this package are 1 indoor unit, 1 outdoor unit, and a connecting pipe, remote and a user manual. The warranty on the product is 1 year, and the compressor is of 5 years and 1 year on the condenser.

The Indian brands have improved a lot on their customer service. The installation price is hassle-free, and it is done in time which is quite useful to the users.

  • The condenser is made of copper.
  • It has a fast cooling capacity.
  • The model has high-ambient cooling.
  • The air-purifier is quite efficient.
  • Presence of air-filters.
  • This model has in-built stabilizers.
  • The outer unit of this model is noisy. This is disturbing, as well.
  • This model does not possess a backlit remote.

4) Samsung Inverter Split AC

Samsung Inverter Split AC

The company, i.e. Samsung, provides good quality as well as reliable products. These products possess great features. They are of low price as well as efficient cooling takes place. This type of inverter AC is best for a bedroom or for a small-sized living room. Additionally, this model looks extraordinary.

On the other hand, this model possesses aluminium condenser, which is not as efficient as the copper ones. Additionally, the power consumption is much higher compared to another 1-ton inverter ACs.

Model- AR12NV3HLTR

Features: –

This model possesses various smart features. This has triple inverter technology. It has a single user mode. The in-built stabilizer is also present. It has large corrosion-resistant fins. The moisture control is also available. The operation is also noise-free, and it contains sleep mode as well as a timer. The power consumption is of 1060 Watt.

The products that are contained inside the package are 1 indoor as well as 1 outdoor unit. It also possesses an interconnecting pipe, 1 remote. 3 user manuals are given with 1 warranty card. The warranty for the compressor is 10 years, and the condenser has 5 years warranty.

This company has the most expansive service network all over India. Professional engineers go to the spot to help the customers. 

  • This inverter AC has triple inverter technology.
  • It has an in-built stabilizer.
  • The moisture control is available.
  • It is completely noise-free.
  • This has the best after-sales service.
  • The energy consumption is high enough.
  • The model has an aluminium condenser.

5) Carrier Inverter Split AC

Carrier Inverter Split AC

This is a 5-star inverter AC which is known to be flawless. This is said to be super energy efficient and cools in a couple of minutes. This product is made of best quality materials. 

On the other hand, it is expensive and also has some other issues. The issues are of after-sales service as well as installation. This is the reason why the product is left behind. 


Features: –

This inverter AC possesses copper condenser. This has a cooling capacity of high-ambience. This has 4 operational modes or Flexi cool. The voltage is low as well. It has an in-built stabilizer, dust-filter, air-cleaner and many more. A detector is available for leakage of refrigerant and has a dehumidifier as well.

The power consumption is 871.07 units. The products included inside the package are as follows: 1 indoor unit, 1 outdoor unit, remote. Presence of user manual with the product. 2 batteries are available along with the 1 kit. The warranty is of 1 year on the product, 1 year on the condenser and lastly 10 years on the compressor. 

  • This model helps in saving energy.
  • This has fast cooling as well as high ambient cooling capacity.
  • This has 4 temperature as well as energy control capacity, which is essential.
  • This has stabilizer free operation.
  • The brand of this model is premium. 
  • The model is costly.
  • It has poor after-sales service.

6) AmazonBasics Inverter Split AC

AmazonBasics Inverter Split AC

The model is available in a concise budget which is quite helpful to the customers. This is a 3-star inverter AC. Although this model is cheap, yet it cools well as well as fast. On the other hand, energy saving is not that good, but it comes with some latest features. The features are HD filter, self-diagnosis, auto-clean and many more. 

Model- PBAC18K3INV301

Features: –

The basic features are as follows. It has anticorrosive copper-condenser with Gold Fins. This has 12 fan speed settings and a high-density dust filter. The humidity controller, eco-mode or turbo mode is also present. This also has a refrigerant leakage detector and a timer mode. The inverter can also be self-diagnosed. 

The power consumption is 1026 units. The products included inside the package are 1 indoor unit, 1 outdoor unit. This also has a connecting pipe, a remote and even a warranty card. The warranty on the product is of 1 year and 5 years warranty on the product. The condenser has no warranty.

  • The inverter AC is affordable.
  • It has efficient cooling capacity.
  • The condenser is made of copper.
  • It has a self-diagnosis feature and auto-clean feature as well.
  • The HD filter is also present.
  • The company has poor customer service.
  • Warranty is not given on the condenser.
  • It has a flimsy report.

7) Daikin Inverter Split AC

Daikin Inverter Split AC

This is a Japanese multinational company for manufacturing ACs. This model of the inverter AC is energy efficient, and it is cheaper than the 5 star rated models. Additionally, this works best at high outside temperature.

Model- FTKP50TV

Features: –

This model possesses numerous best features. They have a copper compressor. It has an energy-saving mode or Econo mode. The power chill feature and noise-free operation are also available. Additionally, this has an in-built stabilizer. Lastly, the model of this inverter AC is environment-friendly refrigerant. 

The power consumption is of 928 units. The products that are available inside the package are as follows: outdoor as well as indoor units, remote control, manual for the users, warranty card and also the connecting pipes. The warranty on the product is of 1 year, on the condenser is of 1 year and 5 years warranty on the compressor. This company has numerous service centres all over India which are quite beneficial for the users.

  • This is inexpensive.
  • It has an excellent cooling feature.
  • This is energy efficient.
  • The condenser is 100% copper.
  • It has a noise-free operation.
  • This possesses in-built stabilizer.
  • The inverter AC of this company has high installation charge although it claims to be free.
  • It possesses an unresponsive team for customer support.

8) Hitachi Inverter Split AC

Hitachi Inverter Split AC

This model helps in saving a lot on the users’ electricity bills. The condenser of this model is made for hot tropical weathers. The condenser is made of 100 % copper. This is completely noise-free. 

Model- RSB518HBEA.Z

Features: –

This model has many features. The condenser is made of copper. It has a tropical compressor and a dust-filter. This also has a clean filter indicator and has a low noise operation. The power consumption is 869.21 W. The products that are present in the package are the indoor unit and outdoor unit. This consists of a remote, manual for the users and also a warranty card. The warranty on the product is 1 year, 1 year on condenser and 5 years on compressor.

  • This model has a 5-star energy rating.
  • The copper condenser is 100% pure.
  • It does efficient cooling.
  • It has a clean filter indicator.
  • This has a low noise operation.
  • This has poor after-sales service.
  • This is installed in an unprofessional way.
  • This model has no sleep mode.

9) Godrej Inverter Split AC

Godrej Inverter Split AC

This model offers comfort and cooling without being too heavy on the pocket. This model has alloy condenser, and it takes more time to cool. Additionally, it is less durable than that of the copper condenser. The in-built stabilizer is not enough in case of high voltage function. 

Model- AC 2T GIC 24 MGP5-WRA Split 5S

Features: –

This model has twin compressor. This possesses in-built stabilizer, dust filters, anti-bacterial filters, active carbon filters and many more. The modes that are available are power saving, sleep and timer. This has 30-meter long pipe. The power consumption is 1024.36 units.

The products that are present inside the package are 1 indoor and 1 outdoor unit. It has a connecting pipe, remote as well as a warranty card. The warranty on the product is 1 year, 5 years warranty on the condenser and 10 years on the compressor. This brand is very responsive to their customer complains.

  • This is 5 starred and is super energy efficient.
  • This is cost-effective.
  • This has activated carbon filters with dust, bacteria filters.
  • This has the lowest ozone depletion potential.
  • The condenser is made of alloy.
  • A separate stabilizer is needed to install if voltage fluctuations are random.

10) LG Inverter Split AC

LG Inverter Split AC KS-Q24ENXA

This model is best for large drawing as well as living rooms. This has a dual inverter compressor. The condenser is made of 100% copper. The energy-saving mode is present. It works with perfection without being heavy on the pocket. The model has 3 BEE star ratings. 

Model- KS-Q24ENXA

Features: –

The model has various features. It has anticorrosive protection. Features like instant cooling. This also possesses an energy-saving mode. It contains HD air filter, monsoon cooling, and detector for the low refrigerant. Additionally, this also has an in-built stabilizer, sleep mode, as well as a timer. The power consumption is 1291.36 units.

The products that are contained inside the package are 1 indoor and 1 outdoor unit, 2 batteries, a connecting wire, remote, installation plate and many more. The manual is also available for the users, and the warranty card is present. The warranty on the product is of 1 year, and the condenser has 10 years warranty.

  • It has a unique cooling feature.
  • This is cost-effective.
  • It has an energy-saving mode.
  • This holds smooth as well as noise-free operation.
  • The methods and settings are user-friendly.
  • This model does not need a stabilizer.
  • The customer service is average.

Buying Guide for Best Inverter AC in India

What is an Inverter AC?

The air conditioners have come with inverter technology in recent years. This will help to regulate the compressor speed, and the temperature is continuously controlled. These machines can function without making any noise due to the presence of inverter. Additionally, this consumes less power and provide an environment for better cooling. The inverter ACs consume 50% less electricity. 

There are different types of Air Conditioners:

The Air Conditioners are divided into various categories based on their functional features. 

A) Window Air Conditioner

This kind of ACs is available in different sizes that are suitable for small or large rooms. These are suitable for cooling individual areas. This type of AC is less expensive and is easy to uninstall. On the other hand, they are pretty noisy. This has to be installed close to a suitable electrical outlet.

B) Split Air Conditioner

This type of air conditioners is popular in recent years. These conditioners are quiet and installed anywhere. On the other hand, these conditioners are installed only by professionals. This is expensive as well. 

The things that the customers need to keep in mind before purchasing an Inverter AC are as follows:

A) Capacity-

The cooling capacity is very much crucial in an inverter AC. This is usually measured in tons. The users need to first measure the room where the AC will be installed, and then the other process must be taken. 

B) Power Consumption and Star Ratings-

Majority of the ACs arrives in the market of India with star ratings that represent power consumption as well as the efficiency of the energy of the products. The users must keep in mind that the higher the stars are, the more energy efficient is the air conditioner.

C) Compressors-

This is said to be the most critical component of an air conditioner. First of all, the users need to understand the role of a compressor in AC. The customers also need to look at different types of compressors. They are reciprocating and rotary.

  • Reciprocating Compressor- This is said to be similar to that of an automobile engine. This compressor contains a cylinder and a piston. This is very easy to maintain and works efficiently, even in high temperatures. On the other hand, this generated noise and expelled air will have a high temperature.
  • Rotary Compressor- This type of compressor uses rotors that are carefully arranged with less clearance in between them. Additionally, these rotors move in opposite directions to release air at high pressure. On the other hand, these compressors are costly and require high maintenance. This is used to achieve an optimal result.

D) Coil-

Coils are used for cooling. These are responsible for improving efficiency and controlling the consumption of power. The rings are made of either copper or aluminium. 

  • Copper Coils- These types of coils are easy to maintain and lasts long. Additionally, these coils cool in less time. On the other hand, they are expensive. It is suitable for coastal as well as high humidity areas. 
  • Aluminium Coils- These are less expensive. It requires more maintenance. On the other hand, it takes more time to cool and do not lasts long. These coils can be easily moulded in any shape.

E) Refrigerants-

These are present in air conditioners as well as refrigerators. This is the main component for freezing technology. Refrigerant can be used in the form of gas, liquid or fluid. There are various types of refrigerants. Some of them are as follows:

  • Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC)– This is said to be the first coolant to use in an AC. Efficient performance but reduce the content of the ozone in the atmosphere.
  • Hydro-Chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC)- This is generally used in the modern air conditioners. This can be replaced by other coolants in the near future as it not altogether environment friendly.
  • Hydrofluorocarbons- This is environment friendly as well as does not affect the ozone layer.
  • Hydrocarbons (HC)- This coolant is the most environmentally friendly one. Recently, it is used in inverter ACs.

F) Cooling Speed-

One must choose an AC with multiple speed settings.

G) Air Quality-

The air quality is one of the most important things to consider. This helps to work the ACs efficiently, which is quite necessary for the users.

H) Dehumidification-

Majority of the air conditioners has a particular ability to control humidity in addition to cooling. Those conditioners having separate dehumidification settings are useful for places with high humidity levels.

I) Remote Control-

This helps in adjusting the temperature. It is convenient as well.

J) Timer-

This helps to set the AC at a particular temperature as well as the desired time. The AC will be automatically turned off after a specific interval of time.

K) Noise Levels-

Some ACs makes noise when started. That is why the buyers need to check the noise level before purchasing.

L) Easy Control-

The buyers are advised to check whether the AC can be easily controlled or not.

M) Digital Display-

This enables us to see the temperature and other operating units while the air conditioner is working.

N) Cost-

The cost of the inverter ACs varies from Rs 30,000 to Rs 50, 000. This is best to purchase models with maximum features.

O) Warranty-

This is one of the most important things that one must check before buying any electrical devices. It is better to purchase products with an extended warranty period.

P) After-sales service-

This is important to check as few brands have very bad after-sale. It is better to check the after-sales as well before purchasing.

Advantages of Inverter AC:

  • It saves energy.
  • Quick cooling capacity.
  • Comfortable experience is gained.


The buyers are recommended to buy inverter ACs that are quite advantageous as well as useful. The buyers have to check and study many things before buying one. The article has provided with the best inverter AC in India. It is ensured that this will help the readers to buy the best AC according to their needs. 

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