10 Best Guitar Amplifier in India 2021

The guitar amplifiers are electronic devices that are used to strengthen the weak electrical signal from a pick up on guitar. Hence it produces sound through one or many speakers.

The amplifier is a must for playing the guitar. The reason is that it takes the music to the next level with its effects, sound system and many other features. The customers must keep in mind 3 main things before purchasing an amplifier other than brand, features and model. 

  • Types: The total number of guitar amplifiers are 4 in number. They are Tube or valve amplifiers, Solid-state or analog amplifiers (amps), Modeling or digital amps and lastly Hybrid amps. The Hybrid amps are a mixture of different techniques.
  • Sound quality: All amplifiers are not the same and do not possess equal sound quality. The sound quality depends on what type of sound one is playing. There are two types of amplifiers, tube amplifiers and solid-state amplifiers. 
  • Speaker’s size: Different size speakers, will produce different sounds. Additionally, the smaller size speakers will have higher frequency and vice versa. The buyers are recommended to check the differences between the open-backed cabinet and closed cabinet designs.

There are many features that the users should keep in mind before purchasing a guitar amplifier. The “Buying Guide” will help the users to find the best amplifier in India.

10 Best Guitar Amplifier in India

1) Blackstar Stereo Combo Guitar Amplifier (ID Core 40W 2X20)

Blackstar Stereo Combo Guitar Amplifier (ID Core 40W 2X20)

This model of the amplifier will give the users an excellent experience with an incredible tone as well as flexibility. The users are allowed to customize the design for their sound. The reason is that the amplifier comes with an intuitive control set as well as versatile programmability. 

The voice control of this amplifier comes with 6 different channels like clean bright, clean warm, super crunch, crunch, OD 1, OD 2. Additionally, the section of the effect of this amplifier will deliver studio-quality modulation, reverb as well as delay effects.  

The users can easily record or ramp from the amplifier to the computer directly by using a USB Mini B connector. This amplifier will help the users to deliver the sound correctly, whether at home or rehearsal or in-studio.

This amplifier allows 12 stereo sound effects that are known as super-wide stereo technology. Additionally, it provides an immersive sound experience when plugging the media player into amplifiers. For silent practise or recording, the stereo configuration and speaker are required. 

Item model number- IDCORE40


The power that is required for a stereo amp is 2 X 20 W. 6 Voices is the number of channels that are needed for this amplifier. The speaker size is 2 X 6.5 inches. The effects of this amplifier are stereo modulation, reverb, delay, envelope filter, chorus or flange.

The dimension of this model is 17 (W) X 7.3 (D) X 13.2 (H) inches. The weight of this amplifier is 13.6 lbs. the power source of this amplifier is AC adapter. The warranty for this model is 1 year.

  • This model has 12 built-in effects and 6 inspiring amp voices. This will make the play excellent.
  • USB 2.0 is used to record directly from amp to computer.
  • This is ideal for beginners with its 40 W and 6 channels.
  • The patches can be edited and stored with the help of the Insider app. This helps to increase the practice time.
  • It has super-wide stereo technology and infinite shape feature. Additionally, this will provide a perfect as well as immersive sound.
  • The footswitch is not provided. The users have to buy it from outside.
  • This product is a little bit pricey.

2) Marshall Guitar Amplifier (MG15CF)

Marshall Guitar Amplifier (MG15CF)

The model of this amplifier is small in size. It is said to have a powerful Marshall punch. Additionally, the Marshall punch works excellent to practice and entertain a small crowd. It has a high volume handling capacity with both clean and overdrive channel and will provide noise-free clear tones.

This amplifier arrives with 2 channels- clean as well as overdrive. This has standard 3 knobs EQ (bass, middle and treble) for best tonal control. Additionally, this model comes with an integrated digital spring reverb effect. The settings of all channels can be stored and recalled.

The amplifier includes headphone as well as an MP3 player or line. This allows the users to jam or track and play or practise silently. The band practice is supported by 15W amp and single 8-inch speaker. Lastly, this amplifier has a bold carbon fibre look.

Item model number- M-MG15CF-U


The total number of channels provided is 2 in number. The power required is 15 W. The size of the speaker is 1 X 8 inch Marshall custom speakers. The power source is fixed AC cable. The weight of the amplifier is 17.2 lbs. It holds a solid-state technology. The range is MG Carbon Fibre.

  • The amplifier is simple as well as well built. This is used for concrete practice.
  • This has different sonic textures and 8-inch speaker for classic tone. It has clean as well as overdrive channels.
  • This possesses preset channel modes for both storing as well as for recalling the settings.
  • The integrated digital spring reverb effect is used to add depth to the sound.
  • The power cord plug that is provided will not fit for Indian 3 pin socket.
  • The warranty for the amplifier is not mentioned.

3) Roland Guitar Amplifier (M-CUBE GX)

Roland Guitar Amplifier (M-CUBE GX)

This product is said to be the most popular battery-powered amplifier of India. The features that are added to this model are increased output power, i-CUBE LINK, chromatic tuner as well as memory function. This will help the users for saving the settings. The playing time for this amplifier is 25 hours. This uses 6 NiMH AA-size batteries. This allows uninterrupted fun while jamming in parties, camping trips and many more.

This amplifier delivers better performance with increased power output. 5 different EFX types are provided to tone the sound. Additionally, the amplifier has a DELAY/REVERB processor on the onboard. The users can save the setting of the tone with effects by holding the MEMORY button for a few seconds. The users can connect to the audio jack of a device with the interface. This can be plugged into any audio device or music player. With the help of CUBE JAM, one can jam, record as well as learn. This includes useful tools for practising.

Item model number- 413441E32


The power required is 3W. The speaker is of 5 inches X 1. The power supply is from the AC adaptor. The battery that is used is 6 Rechargeable NIMH AA. The weight of the amplifier is 5 lbs. The dimension of this amplifier is 24.7 X 22.7 X 17.2 cm. The warranty of this product is of 1 year. The audio wattage is of 5W.

  • This is said to be an ultra-compact guitar amplifier. It has a custom-designed speaker as well.
  • The effects, as well as settings, are saved with the help of memory function.
  • The i-CUBE link jack provides the audio interface with the help of any device.
  • The batteries are absent with the product. These have to be bought separately.

4) BOSS Katana-Mini Guitar Amplifier

BOSS Katana-Mini Guitar Amplifier

This model will deliver big tone along with its multistage analog gain circuit and 3 versatile amp types. The types are brown voice, crunch as well as clean. This is available in a compact package. This amplifier is ready for silent practice as well as direct recording for the presence of speaker emulated output. The headphones will not disturb the others.

This amplifier is tiny in size. On the other hand, it offers excellent control over the tone. The amplifier will make it perfect for adding a sense of space to lead styles with the help of built-in delay. 

This amplifier can be powered with the help of 6 AA batteries that will help the users to play up to 7 hours of operation. An AC adaptor can be used as well. This will become an ideal amplifier for its compact size, battery operation and robust carry handle.

Item model number- KTN-MINI


The amplifier is stable in the state. The number of channels that this possesses is 1. The power required is 7 W. The size of the speaker is 1 X 4-inch. The effects are delayed. It has a 3 band EQ. The power source is 6AA batteries, and the power supply is 9V DC Power. The weight of this amplifier is 2.6lbs. The warranty for this model is 1 year.

  • This is considered to be the best for electric guitar.
  • This amplifier will help the users to practice as well as record tone properly with rich as well as with full sound.
  • The battery is rechargeable and will help to play for up to 7 hours of operation.
  • The input of AUX is used for jamming with music from a smartphone.
  • The battery is not charged correctly.
  • This amplifier does not come with an adapter.
  • This is used effectively for home-based practice or home studio.

5) Stranger Octopad / Keyboard/ Guitar Amplifier (PM40)

Stranger Octopad - Keyboard- Guitar Amplifier (PM40)

This is said to be the best Indian manufacturer of the amplifier. This amplifier is used for guitar, keyboard as well as octopad. Additionally, this amplifier works effectively as well as available at a reasonable cost. 

This amplifier will give complete control over tone options like bass and treble+ 10 dB. The digital echo effect is available on the board along with the line in and lines out for more connections.

The requirement of 40 W is essential. This comes with the 6-inch heavy-duty speaker as well as a tweeter. The classic look is due to the compact size, plywood, rexine finish as well as metal grill. This is also light in weight. 

Item model number- PM40


The power required is 40W. The number of channels is 2 in number. The size of the speaker is 1 X 6 inch, heavy-duty speakers. The weight of this amplifier is 6.2 kg. The effect is known as a digital echo. The AC adapter gives the power. The warranty for this amplifier is 1 year.

  • This amplifier suits for other instruments as well.
  • This is good for jamming and other indoor purposes.
  • This can be connected to a computer for recording.
  • This holds excellent sound quality speakers.
  • The model of this amplifier won’t have any USB or Bluetooth connectivity.
  • This is suitable for beginners and for those who are home gigs.

6) Fender Frontman Guitar Amplifier (10G)

Fender Frontman Guitar Amplifier (10G)

This model is perfect for beginners, students, guitarists as well as teachers. The power required is 10 W, and it has dual selectable channels and headphone jack. This provides explosive tone with intuitive controls like gain control. This will drive the amp properly.

The volume controls the loudness of the amplifiers. The frequencies can also be altered. This features a convenient front panel clean and overdrive switch. Additionally, the closed-back design will allow the users for more massive bass response. The headphone will enable users to practice silently.

Item model number- 2311000000


The type of state is stable. The number of channels is one. The power supplied is 10 W. The size of the speaker is 1 X 6-inch fender special design speaker. The EQ band is 2.

The controls are gain, volume, over-drive select switch, bass and treble. The dimensions are 10.25 X 5.75 X 11 inches. The weight of the amplifier is 8.5 lbs. The source of power is AC adapter. The warranty on the model is 1 year. 

  • The channels are dual. They are drive and regular.
  • The EQ is 2 banded, and it has a 6-inch fender special speakers.
  • The output of the solid-state is with power 10 W.
  • This possesses a headphone jack as well as a closed-back blackface styling.
  • The sound is cracked fully when used on overdrive mode.
  • This is great for home use and practice, but this is suitable for high volumes.

7) Palco Guitar Amplifier (103)

Palco Guitar Amplifier (103)

This is a multipurpose amplifier. Additionally, this arrives at an affordable price. It has 6-inch high-quality speakers that will help the users to provide excellent music with the best clarity.

The hard case of this amplifier will protect the device. Additionally, this is strong, durable as well as soundproof on all sides. The volume, as well as tone controls, will allow the users to practice and record the tone effectively.

The combo set arrives in a portable pack with a handle at the top. This helps in easy carry to enrich the sound experience. The aux jack can be used to connect the amplifier. The headphone is also provided with the amplifier.

Item model number- PALCO 103


The warranty for this model is 6 months only. The state is a definite type. Power required is of 15 W. The size of the speaker is 1 X 6-inch. It is a high-quality speaker. The weight of the amplifier is 3.08 kg. The number of channels is 1.

  • This has decent as well as healthy appearance. 
  • This possesses quite a loud sound.
  • This has value for money.
  • This is ideal for primary learners.
  • This comes with a tone and volume knob controls and 2 inputs.
  • This does not have reverb or any other effects.
  • USB or Bluetooth connection is absent.
  • This is used only for home practice.

8) Fender Champion Guitar Amplifier (20, 230V EU DS)

Fender Champion Guitar Amplifier (20, 230V EU DS)

This is one of the preferred choices in guitar amplifiers. This is said to possess different sound styles that range from clean, tweed, blackface, British to metal and many more.

This is fixed with seven selections. The sound quality is clean enough. Additionally, it is loud as well as warm. This amplifier has an aux input to connect to the laptop or phone.

Item model number- 2330200000


The amplifier has two channels. Power required is 20 Watts. The weight of the amplifier is 8.5 kg. It gives clean, loud as well as warm sound. The available connectivity is Aux input, headphone out.

  • This is a well-recommended product for the beginners as well as intermediates.
  • This product is worthy of the users’ money.
  • This does not have reverb or any other effects.
  • USB or Bluetooth connection is absent.

9) Fender Rumble Combo Amplifier (15 2-Channel v3 Bass)

Fender Rumble Combo Amplifier (15 2-Channel v3 Bass)

This amplifier is just as regular as other amps. On the other hand, it has fewer controls. Additionally, this does not include functionality to work with presets. The only rules are volume, bass, mid as well as treble.

ASIN- B08D9FT697


This has two channels. The power required is 15 Watts. The weight of this amplifier is 8.44 kg. The connectivity that is present is headphone-out, Aux input. It has minimal controls, and decent amp sounds.

  • This is said to be a sound amplifier.
  • The amplifier is affordable.
  • The controls are few.
  • It has few rules.

10) Marshall MG Series Guitar Combo Amp (100 Watt 1 X 12-Inch )

Marshall MG Series Guitar Combo Amp (100 Watt 1 X 12-Inch )

This amplifier is only for concert purpose. The lowest volume possible is deafening and clear. Similarly, as for that of other amplifiers, this has preset and effects. 

Item model number- MG101CFX


The power required is 100 Watts. The amplifier is enormous. The weight of the amplifier is 20 kg. The number of channels that it possesses is 4 in number. This amplifier ensures the performance that is required by the user.

  • This amplifier ensures the performance that is required by the user.
  • High-quality sound.
  • This does not have reverb or any other effects.
  • USB or Bluetooth connection is absent.

Buying Guide For Best Guitar Amplifier in India

It is quite difficult for the buyers to choose the right amplifier depending on brands, size, shapes as well as features. The Buying Guide will help the buyers to select the best among all.

The buyers need to consider some things before choosing the best guitar amplifier:

1) Configuration

The amplifiers arrive in a different format. The combinations are those that contain speaker as well as an amplifier in one cabinet. Additionally, the head and speaker cabinet will make each unit lighter and easy to carry.

2) Speaker’s Size

Different types of speakers will produce different sounds. The users are advised to check the difference between an open-backed cabinet and closed cabinet designs.

3) Construction

The wood which is used to make the cabinet will play a significant role to determine the sound quality. Another factor that is used for determining the sound quality is an amplifier with open or closed back.

4) Power

This measures the amount of electrical output used to drive the speakers. It is generally measured in Watts. The bass amplifier requires more watts to run larger speakers. 

5) Sound Quality

Sound quality is not the same for all amplifiers. The tube amps need long term upkeep. On the other hand, the solid-state amps provide detailed tonal quality. They are easier to maintain.

6) Size of the Amplifiers

This will matter based on the place where the users want to play the guitar. The users must choose the amplifier as per the primary application.

7) Brands

The users must choose the best quality amplifiers, which will be durable and at a reasonable price. 

8) Price

The users are always recommended to set the limit and choose the best one. The price depends on the brand, weight, wattage, range and many more.

9) Warranty

These amplifiers are built in such a way so that they could last longer. On the other hand, small and fragile components break easily. Without a good warranty, these should not be bought as the amplifiers are expensive.

10) Other Features

  • Effects Loops: The jacks that are present will allow the users to add rack units or storm boxes. This will help to prevent amplifying any noise.
  • Reverb Units: This produces echo-like sounds.
  • Digital Effects: This is built-in in modern amplifiers. It can produce many effects like chorus, pitch, phase, shift and many more.
  • Channel Switching: The users can switch to a clean tone from a distorted manner. People use different techniques that will require multi-channel amplifiers with more amps.
  • Sound of Power: This arrives with three distinct sources- power amp, preamp and speakers.

There are various types of Guitar Amplifiers

A) Tube Guitar Amplifier:

  • This is also known as a valve amplifier.
  • It is said to be the pinnacle of amp technology.
  • This is simple to use and produce the best and louder tone.
  • This uses ancient technology. The guitarists prefer this due to the warm tones.
  • It is expensive and heavier compared to other types.
  • Majority of these come with separate channels.
  • This is considered to be the most suitable for the home.

B) Solid State Guitar Amplifiers:

  • This amplifier came into existence when the glass vacuum tube gets replaced with transistors on the circuit board.
  • This is of lightweight; maintenance is less and of reasonable price.
  • This is considered to be ideal for producing the sparkly clear, clean tone.
  • The drawback is that they are limited compared to modelling amps.

C) Modeling Guitar Amps:

  • This is also called a digital guitar amplifier as it uses digital processors to simulate the sound.
  • Modern technology is used to produce a wide range of effects and tones.
  • The most significant advantage of this is flexibility.
  • Improvements are easily seen to provide the best quality tones.
  • It is lightweight, cost-effective and provides a lot of flexibility.
  • This technology is improving day by day.

D) Hybrid Guitar Amplifier:

  • This arrives with a weird mix of different amplifier technology.
  • This gives the best of both worlds like using a tube in the preamp section and solid-state in the power section. This will help to create a tube tone.
  • This gives access to a wide range of guitar tones.
  • This is heavier, as well as expensive.


The users are recommended to choose the amplifier which suits perfectly for the user’s guitar as well as per the requirement of the user. This article will help the users to select guitar amplifiers according to their needs and choice.

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