5 Best Garden Hose Pipe in India 2021

The gardeners always want to have a perfect garden hose pipe to water the plants and irrigation purpose. These pipes known as the hose pipes works well without any kinks or breaks. Additionally, this gives a lot of peace as well as happiness while gardening. 

The buyers must remember 3 things before purchasing hose pipes.

The three things are enlisted below-

  • Length: The range of the size of the hose pipes is from 20 to 100 feet. If the users buy a longer hosepipe, then it will cover a larger area. On the other hand, larger pipes are difficult to store. Purchasing a small hose is very much suitable for water plants that grow in pots or containers. This will not extend to a larger area. The buyers are recommended to choose as per the requirement of the user.
  • Material: 3 types of materials are available. They are Vinyl, Rubber and combination of Vinyl and Rubber. The Vinyl material is lightweight, expensive and is more prone to kinks. Rubber is the best one and is costly, healthy and less prone to waves. This is used for heavy-duty. The combination of Rubber and vinyl is moderate with moderate garden tasks.
  • Flexibility: This helps in performing the U test. This test is done by bending the hose pipe into U shape. If the kinks are present, then do buy it. The buyers are recommended to purchase hose pipes that are made with Rubber. The reason is that this is flexible and lasts for a longer time.

There are other features that the buyers should keep in mind before buying hose pipes according to their need. The “Buying Guide” will surely help the buyers to choose the best one. This guide is quite useful for online buyers.

5 Best Garden Hose Pipe in India

1) Zephyr Next-gen Garden Hose 

Zephyr Next-gen Garden Hose

These pipes are said to be the next generation rubber garden hose. These hose pipes are made of high-quality Rubber. This makes it lightweight. But this is durable as well as strong enough without any stiff hoses in the winter season. 

The pipe is designed so that it helps avoid cracks or bends or kinks while using it. This has ozone resistant cover as well that protects from the UV and extreme weather conditions.

Additionally, this can be use with taps that are used at home regularly. This arrives in the market with no end fittings. These products are first tested with a proof pressure test and then come in the market.

Item model number- ZPYHWE13050WF


The weight of the product is 3.71 kg. The warranty for this product is 10 years. The overall length of the product is 50 feet, and the inner diameter is 0.5 inch. The material used for the pipe is Rubber. The temperature range that it can handle is -50 F to 180 F. The dimensions of the product are 25.4 X 7.62 X 25.4 cm. The colour of the pipe is blue.

  • The features that are present in the product are solid crush-proof, high strength, ozone resistant cover and lightweight. 
  • The pipe is made with 100% rubber. This has low or high-temperature versatility. Additionally, it can handle the hot water for up to 200 F.
  • The warranty on this pipe is 10 years. This pipe is healthy as well as flexible.
  • This pipe undergoes the proof-pressure test that makes the product strong as well as durable.
  • This pipe fails to fit into the regular tap. A new pipe is to be bought for this pipe.
  • This pipe is a little bit costly.
  • After repeated usage, the line is prone to kink, bend or choke the water supply while unrolling it.

2) Sharpex Garden Hose Nozzle Pipe

Sharpex Garden Hose Nozzle Pipe

This pipe arrives with versatile features. This helps to access water easily by attaching the reel to the water supplying pipe. The line is suitable to use in temperature that ranges from -5oC to 50oC. Additionally, this can be use both in winter and summer. 

This pipe can be used effectively in many places like lawn, workshop, garden, pool, car-washing and many more. This pipe is strong as well as durable. Additionally, this can be handled in any environment and industry.

The pipe is protected by the improved thicker and the seamless knit wall design. This helps protect and prevent any break, leak, or burst even in the low or high water pressure. The customer service is quite efficient.

Item part number- CO-HOSE-BU-004


The length of the pipe is 10m. The size is of 0.5 inches. The temperature ranges from -5oC to 50oC. The colour of the pipe varies from black, green to yellow. The tube is made of Rubber. The water hose sprayer is made of plastic and metal.

  • This pipe suits best for watering in lawn and garden areas.
  • This prevents burst, leak or break even at high or low water pressure.
  • This is durable, and this can be handled in any environment and industry.
  • It is lightweight and is easier to carry.
  • This possesses an ergonomic design that helps to handle in ultimate comfort.
  • The nozzles are built with 8 different watering patterns.
  • The spray gun is made with plastic. But this lowers the quality of the pipe.

3) LINGARAJ PVC Flexible Hose Pipe

LINGARAJ PVC Flexible Hose Pipe

These pipes are easy to connect and are flexible as well. Additionally, this is crafted with high-quality PVC material. This will not only provide strength and durability but also helps to keep the pipe soft. These pipe has various functions like washing cars, showering the pets, to clean the floor and many more.

Additionally, this creates fun for the people who love to water their plants and take care of them. These pipes are quite flexible. These can be carried easily due to its lightweight.

Item part number- LP101_P


The dimension of this pipe is 40 X 40 X 8 cm. The weight of the tube is 3 kg. The length of the pipe is 30 meter, but approximately it is 100 feet in length. The colour of the pipe is green. The size is 0.5 inch. The material that is used to make this pipe is PVC.

  • This pipe is made of PVC, and it remains soft in any kind of weather conditions.
  • These pipes are specially designed for plant lovers.
  • This pipe performs multifunctional activities.
  • This is strong, durable as well as lightweight and helps to carry it easily.
  • If this pipe arrives in the market with 1-inch size then it will become the best product.

4) Garbnoire Flexible Garden Water Pipe

Garbnoire Flexible Garden Water Pipe

This pipe is made with high-quality PVC material. Additionally, the hose pipe comes with the excellent feature of staying soft in both cold and hot weather conditions.

A sturdy adapter is also present, and a connector is provided for easy usage. This is used mainly when the water pressure is heavy enough. This pipe is suited for many purposes like water dispensing, gardening, conveying water to the sprinkles and many more.

ASIN- B0794TZ2S5


The length of the pipe is 15 meters. The size of the hose is 0.5 inch. The material that is used for manufacturing is PVC. The colour of the tube is yellow. 

  • The heavy nature of the pipe will help the users to eliminate twists, kinks and tangles.
  • This is specially designed for those who love gardening.
  • The tube remains soft after repeated use.
  • The adapter and the connector are the other things that will make the work of the users more comfortable.
  • The hose pipe quality is not up to the mark. Additionally, the clamps are also small in size.

5) Pepper Agro Garden Hose Pipe

Pepper Agro Garden Hose Pipe

This pipe is considered to be ideal for water and is widely used for construction, agriculture and many more. These hoses are tightened with high resistance yarns. This helps in meeting the requirements of pressure. The water spray is ideal for car wash and for gardening. The kinks, twists and tangles are removed due to heavy-duty nature. It has long-lasting flexibility.



The material that is used for this pipe is PVC. The colour of the pipe is green. The dimension of the pipe is 0.5 inch. This is excellent due to its physical and chemical properties and materials. The pipe is flexible, and the exterior facilitates pulling past trees or any other obstacle. The package contains one water gun made of brass.

  • The heavy nature of the pipe will help the users to eliminate twists, kinks and tangles.
  • This is specially designed for those who love gardening.
  • The tube remains soft after repeated use.
  • It has long-lasting flexibility.
  • The pipe should be handle with care otherwise, it will get damaged in due time.
  • The tube is a little bit costly.

Buying Guide For Best Garden Hose Pipe in India

These garden hose pipes will help the users to reduce the strain of watering the plants. The users need to choose them carefully before purchasing. 

Things that one must consider before buying the garden hose pipe:

#1 Length:

The length of the pipe varies from 20 to 100 feet. The buyers should take proper measurements before purchasing a garden hose pipe. If the users want to buy a longer hosepipe, it covers a larger lawn area. It also helps in tackling the cleaning project. This is expensive, and it is harder to move from one place to another. The buyers are recommended to purchase pipes that are kink resistance, and one must empty the tube properly before storing. On the other hand, if the buyers want to buy a short hose pipe, this will be best for plants in containers or pots. Additionally, this may cause stretch and also get leaked.

#2 Material:

The buyers need to choose the material correctly. The material should have an impact on durability, weight as well as flexibility. The most commonly used material for making these pipes is Rubber.

  • Vinyl: This material is less expensive as well as it is of less weight. This type of pipe is suitable for people who are conscious of the budget. This material is more prone to cracks, kinks as well as splits. On the other hand, vinyl tends to degrade quickly when exposed to any harsh elements or left in the sun.
  • Rubber: This is considered to be the most robust material, and it arrives with a longer lifespan. This actually, resembles higher price and gardening tasks of heavy-duty. Additionally, this material can carry both hot and cold water without any issues. This material is less prone to cracks or kinks.
  • Combinational: This is the combination of Rubber and plastic. This comes at a moderate price. The Rubber here will provide durability as well as flexibility. On the other hand, the vinyl will provide lightweight nature. This material is quite strong compared to the other two.

#3 Strength or Burst Pressure:

The force is generally measured in terms of the burst pressure. The hose pipes made of Rubber are having a higher pressure than that of the rest of the materials. The users are recommended to choose a burst pressure above 300 psi if they want to buy a pipe along with nozzle, sprinkler and other attachments.

#4 Flexibility:

The users are recommended to choose a hose pipe that arrives with extreme flexibility. This helps to reduce the space for storage and perfectly works around the corners. This ensures to reduce cracks, kinks and splits. This helps to enhance the lifespan. The users are recommended to check the flexibility of the pipe before purchasing.

#5 The Hose Pipe size:

This will depend on the diameter, and it will help choose the correct garden hose as per the user’s requirement. This is also related to the pressure which the users must consider whiling using the hose pipes for cleaning outside and gardening. The standard hose diameter is 0.5 inch, and it covers a wide area to clean the driveway. On the other hand, the larger diameter will help to handle heavy water flow.

#6 Fittings:

The pipes should be perfectly attache to the faucet for water supply. The nozzles, sprinkles and fixtures are attached to the end part. For fitting either metal or plastic is recommended. The metal is usually brass, and the plastic is less durable but easy to tighten on the fixture.

#7 Nozzle:

The nozzle is chosen depending upon the specific watering needs of the users.

  • Pistol Grip Nozzle: This comes with a pull-style that is handled to change the spray’s water pressure and style.
  • Watering Wand Nozzle: This arrives in the market with the extension of 30 inches. This allows the users to water even in difficult areas.
  • Fan Nozzle: This comes with widened mouth to have a gentle or wide spray. This is suitable for watering delicate foliage.
  • Fireman Nozzle: This is considered to be perfect for large watering jobs within a short time.
  • Pattern Nozzle: This is considered to be most versatile. This offers different types of water spraying pattern to cover the watering needs of the users.

Types of Garden Hose Pipes:

There are various types of pipes, and one must choose one according to the need.

  1. Standard Hose Pipe: These types of pipes are made with vinyl. Additionally, this is incorporated in various forms of layers. This pipe is cheap. On the other hand, it is a staple in offering most household activities. The drawback of this type of line is that it tends to crack or break easily. The break is caused due to the thinner diameter and plastic fittings.
  2. Flat Hose Pipe: This type of pipe is round and rigid when there is a flow of water. But on the other hand, it gets flattened when it is empty. This pipe is lightweight and easy to roll up if one possesses a hose pipe reel. The kink or puncture is caused quickly by this type of line. Additionally, this is suitable for people having small garden sheds and storage issues.
  3. Expandable Hose Pipes: The name only suggests that it is expandable to over 3 times when it is filled with water. But sometimes they tend to lose their elasticity with time and thereby cause difficulty to store. Additionally, it is used for its lightweight and flexible nature.
  4. Flexogen Hose Pipe: These pipes provide classy hose and give guarantee for lifetime usage. These are lightweight as well as flexible. Additionally, it is designed with foam on their inner layers. On the other hand, the outer layer is made with abrasion-resistant material. This is due to its polish and durability. If the pipe is used for non-commercial purpose, then it can be use for a longer time.
  5. Soaker Hose Pipe: This type of pipe is made with recycled rubber and plastic with porous walls. Farmers and gardeners widely use this for irrigation. The holes that are made are small. This allows the water to slowly sweep out. These pipes are simply buried under the ground to water the entire garden area.


This article provides the buyers with the best garden hose pipe in India that can be bought online. One should always keep in mind that they should purchase pipe according to their needs and be budget-friendly. The buying guide will help the buyers to buy the best pipe among all.

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