5 Best Full Body Massage Chair in India 2021

Full body massage is very much crucial for some people. Many go to spas to do entire body massaging. On the other hand, visiting a massage spa regularly will be highly costly, as well as time-consuming.

For these problems, investing a massage chair is the perfect solution. A massage chair is nothing but a chair that contains airbags or rollers to improve the circulation of blood. This also helps in relaxing the muscles.

This massaging chair is programmed with several massage styles. Some of the techniques are kneading, tapping and many more. These features will help to mimic the feeling of a professional masseuse. 

5 Best Full Body Massage Chair in India

1) JSB Mz 16 Full Body Massage Chair

JSB Mz 16 Full Body Massage Chair

This body massage chair is considered to be the all-rounder model. It has a solid set of features and has excellent performance. This model also has excellent customer feedback.

6 massage styles are present in the chair. This includes kneading, tapping, knocking, airbag compress and many more. Some of the classes focus on chronic pain, while some have benefits for stress as well as anxiety. 

The people who are suffering from chronic back pain or stiffness in the joints, this machine is a solution for them. This machine has a spot massage programme which targets specific zones as well as works better than a therapy massager. 

Item part number- JSB MZ16


5 auto-modes are present. This will help to choose the option to relief-pain, comfort, relax, upper and lower body massage. This auto mode will work best for the users. The intensity can be altered with the help of the remote. Heating pads are present as well that is located in the back to provide heat treatment.

The most important thing is that this machine is adjustable. This means that the system automatically changes the height according to their need. Anyone of any age can utilize this customized massage. Just one has to find a comfortable position. This helps in relaxing and enjoying the full body massage.

The set looks elegant. This can be placed anywhere in the office or room. It can be a living room. The massage chair can handle the weight of up to 110 kg. The warranty of this massage chair is 1 year which is quite impressive.

  • This has a wide variety of features on a budget price.
  • There are 22 air-bags on arms, legs as well as shoulders. This is quite rare under this budget.
  • It has zero gravity massage for relaxation.
  • This is considered to be one of the best massage chairs for a foot massage.
  • The feature of heat therapy is available.
  • This model has excellent customer reviews.
  • The foot rollers that are present can be harsh to feel.

2) Osim Uinfinity Massage Chair

Osim Uinfinity Massage Chair

This model has a zero-gravity seating position. The chair can perform 5 different massage styles. They are kneading, tapping, full rolling, deep tissue as well as lifestyle massage. The zero gravity position will help the users to distribute the body weight evenly and alleviates tension, stress as well as anxiety.

This model has Human Smart massage Technology. This is unique to this model. The accurate acupressure helps for the betterment of the spine alignment. Additionally, this improves blood circulation and de-stresses the muscles.

Item model number- OS-838


The model has the most intelligent as well as an intuitive system. This helps in selecting manual as well as has automatic choices for massages. The users can choose from a range of pre-set programmes. They are as follows:

  1. The scholar relaxes a process where it is heated for toe massage. It is used for ultimate relaxation as well as rejuvenation.
  2. Scholar Energize helps in improving the concentration of the users. This will help them to focus on work or academics.
  3. The hot stone treatment is one kind of therapy where warm acupressure is used to release pain. This also decreases muscle stiffness.
  4. The air bags are used for air-spa with massage treatment known as shiatsu.

Additionally, this model has the option to download new programmes. This model also adjusts with shoulders and legs of the users. These are retractable. This will help to change according to the comfort of the user. On the other hand, this model looks very professional and stylish. The colour of this model is cream or berry red.

  • This model possesses a zero-gravity seating position.
  • The model provides Human smart technology. This is mainly for human-like massage therapy.
  • This has a retractable footrest. It is mainly used for personalized comfort.
  • The model possesses dozens of massage programs that are in-built.
  • This model has professional, made massage programs. It is available for different body issues.
  • This model is costly compared to others.
  • The massaging chair does not provide any warranty details.

3) Robotouch Massage Chair

Robotouch Massage Chair

This model has the feature to enjoy head to toe therapeutic massage. The hand massager is available, which helps the model to reach to the next level. This model has a vertically movable, four-wheel driven massage function. This is mainly for the tried hands and stiff joints. This also possesses a set of rollers that will help for aching feet. The rollers thoroughly massage the root as well as heel mastoids of the user’s feet. Additionally, this reaches to zero gravity massage position.

This model possesses a maximum number of airbags. This gives a thorough air massage. The airbags that are present are 4-bags in the upper arm, 8 air-bags in the whole arm set and 16 airbags in the legs. Additionally, this has three intensity modes.

Item model number- rbt702


This model places the shoulder pads accurately with its 2D auto-detection mechanism, and this is done according to the height of the user. Different modes facilitate a prolonged massage by massaging the pressure points through the neck to the souls. This will help to achieve an ultimate calming sensation. Some of the modes are adjustable as well and has 5 different speed levels.

The users can choose from the in-built variety of massage modes. For example, the methods are ache relief, comfort, upper and lower body massages. There are many full body massaging types. The measures include fixed, partial and overall message. The pressure points are adjusted by moving the arm massager up and down.

This model of the chair works silently. This is said to be the quietest massage chair available in the market. The warranty for this model is 1 year. Additionally, it offers free installation and demo.

  • This model has a hand massage feature.
  • The back massage warming is also available.
  • It has 28 airbags for a thorough air massage.
  • This model has a zero-gravity seating position.
  • This has 5 levels of speed adjustments.
  • This model has no feature for manual settings.
  • This is not suitable for chronic pains.

4) Bodyfriend 4D Massage Chair

Bodyfriend 4D Massage Chair

This model is affordable, and it has features that are generally found in high end-products. This chair possesses silent massage hands. It also has an impressive four-wheel driven vertically movable machine. The massaging chair is designed in such a way that it offers various massage therapies. The therapies include kneading, flapping, knocking and many more.

The users can customize the massage programmer depending on the comfort as well as the preference of the users. The rollers are set in three positions known as fixed, partial as well as overall massage. These are done for the upper body massage.

Item part number- 4D


The massage chair includes 4 airbags that are present on the shoulders. 24 are available on the legs and 2 side airbags on the hip region. Additionally, this works with heat therapy and vibration. 8 airbags are present that wrap around the arms and apply pressure therapy. This model has incorporated foot rollers, and it holds heating therapy as well. This can instantly take out all the pain and muscle stiffness. 

The robotic body scan technology checks the shoulder position. Additionally, it locates the rollers according to the pressure of the body. This model has various massage styles. Also, this features a zero-gravity place that improves the heart and lung function. This relaxes the body from head to toe.

This model can change as well as control the intensity levels of the rollers. The warranty on the product is 1 year. The modes have 5 distinct intensity level settings. This will help the users to achieve the type of massage that one needs. 

  • Hand massage is done with airbag pressure.
  • Heat therapy is done for back, hips as well as feet.
  • This has an in-built Bluetooth speaker.
  • It also possesses a zero-gravity seating position.
  • This massaging chair is hefty and huge.
  • This is not very eye-appealing.

5) Lifelong Full Body Massage Chair

Lifelong Full Body Massage Chair

This massaging chair is designed with different sets of massaging mechanisms. There are 3 modes of massage methods. They are as follows kneading, tapping and sync with kneading and tapping. This helps in relieving pain. To make the neck massage quite comfortable, firm rollers are installed on top of the machine. The intensity, as well as the position of the three rollers, can be easily adjusted. This massaging chair is designed with supreme quality leather.

Additionally, it gives an elegant finishing. This chair possesses Bluetooth speakers that are in-built. This helps in reducing stress as well as removes stiffness and tension. A USB charger is also designed for mobile charging. It is present in front of the panel.

Item model number- LLM549


This chair is a full body massager, and it is well equipped. This is designed in such a way that it can be used by everybody irrespective of their body types. This model offers comprehensive roller coverage that holds various functions. Additionally, the chair consists of a recliner that helps in stretching the entire body. This helps to provide relief to the tired muscles.

This chair provides a digital panel that is attached to the seat. This will help in controlling the intensity of the rollers of the massage chair. The warranty for this chair is 1 year.

  • This chair possesses Bluetooth speakers that are in-built.
  • A USB charger is also designed for mobile charging.
  • This model contains the cheapest recliner with massage options.
  • This massaging chair is hefty and huge.

Buying Guide For Best Full Body Massage Chair in India

The massaging chairs are said to be quite expensive. If the buyers invest it in the wrong way, then it would be a total waste of money. That is why one has to be very careful as well as attentive before purchasing the massaging chair according to their needs. Some of the features are mentioned below to help the buyers for buying one of the best massaging chairs.

#1 Chair Size and Shape

As the chairs are bulky, the massage chairs take a lot of space. The users must make sure of one thing that there should be 18 to 24 inches clearance between its back as well as an adjacent wall. The buyers must check the dimensions of the chair to make sure that they have enough space. According to this, one has to choose a space-saving model technology.

#2 Massage Intensity

The massage chairs are equipped in such a way that it has different intensity levels to customize the massage according to the need of the users. The intensity range increases with the increase in motors. The users have to choose a model having more intensity.

#3 Body Coverage

Some of the massage chairs focus only on back muscles while others provide full body massage. The regular message is necessary for those people who are experiencing back or neck pain.

#4 Size and Space of the chair

The massage chairs that are heavy in size take a lot of space. That is why, at first, the buyers need to check out the instructional manual or product description for its dimensions. This will help the buyers to know how much space one needs to allocate for the chair.

Some of the manufacturers provide recliners. So it should be kept in mind to have spread around the chair. Additionally, some of the chairs need 18 to 24 inches clearance between its back and wall that is adjacent to it. On the other hand, some of the manufacturers are providing space-saving technology which is quite beneficial.

#5 Weight

Generally, the majority of the massaging chairs are quite heavy. The users might take another person’s help to move it around. Additionally, some lightweight options are also available. The minimum weight for a massaging chair is 20 kg whereas the maximum weight of a massaging chair is 45 to 140 kg.

#6 Size Compatibility

These chairs are available in various sizes as well as frames. If the users purchase a wrong massaging chair, then they would not experience any relief from the massage. These chairs are suitable for both tall and short people as they are designed to accommodate the general requirements of the users. On the other hand, one must check the height and weight limitations twice before purchasing a massaging chair. Additionally, very few massaging chairs are not suitable for short people.

#7 Roller Tracks

The function of this roller track in a massage chair is to provide and perform massaging. These tracks posses a series of round balls which travel along the path in various directions. They can move in vertical, lateral, backward or forward directions. This usually mimics the touch of a human hand. The roller tracks are categorized into two types based on the shape. 

  • S-Track: In this type of track, the rollers move in S-direction according to the spine curvature. This is perfect for people who are dealing with back pain. This is known for its excellent massaging experience.
  • L-Track: This track is in an extension of the S-Track. This roller will run up and down on the user’s back. Additionally, this track will reach to the glutes as well as the end of the thighs. People who are suffering from leg pain, pain in the lower back can use this track.

#8 Massage Styles

The buyers, before purchasing a massaging chair, should know what massaging styles it can provide. Some of the massaging types are as follows:

  • Tapping: This is considered to be a percussive massaging technique. This stimulates the muscles and mimics the movements that are done by professionals. The rollers move in a back and front direction, creating karate chop movement. This style of massage can improve blood circulation and local temperature.
  • Kneading: The pressure is applied slowly in a circular motion. This will help to compress the soft tissues or underlying bones. This technique will help to increase flexibility, treating tight muscles and pain relief.
  • Shiatsu: In this style, the pressure is applied to specific stress points on the back. The chairs can either use rollers or airbags to use this style. This style is considered to be perfect for pain relief, stress and tension.
  • Rolling: In this type of style, the skin is lifted and rolled. Some of the models use airbags or a combination of both airbags and rollers to provide massage.
  • Special Techniques: The manufacturers have provided special massage techniques. The technique varies depending on the model and price.

#9 Coverage

Few people may require more attention to certain parts. Some of the content of the massage chair are as follows:

  • Head Massager: This massager can be helpful to those who are suffering from migraines and headaches. An additional head massager will help to provide relief to the head as well.
  • Foot Massager: This is helpful to people who spend a lot of time standing or travelling. This helps in providing relief from a long time day at work. These chairs possess airbags or rotating discs.
  • Neck Massage: This is quite helpful to the users who are experiencing stress or pain in the neck.
  • Hip Massage: This comes with airbags around the hip area. This will help to compress the muscles using airbags to provide pain relief.
  • Arm Massage: This provides relaxation to the arms. Some of the chairs use special pockets to hold arms and the airbags compress the muscles.

#10 Recall or Memory

This function remembers the favourite or previous speed as well as the massage style. 

#11 Height Range

The users must check the height specifications before purchasing to prevent any specifications. The users with a height greater than 6 feet need to be careful. 

#12 Massage Length

The massage session can be different based on body type. One should buy a massage chair that can customize according to the duration of massage according to the user’s need.

#13 Customer Reviews

The reviews are critical as it helps others to know about the quality and durability of the product.

#14 Massage Intensity

Majority of the massage chairs come in India with different levels of pressure as well as intensity. This helps in customizing the massage according to the requirements. The massage intensity is significant to know. 

#15 Body Coverage

Majority of the chairs is designed specially to focus on back muscles. On the other hand, some of them are designed for full body massage.

#16 Safety

Safety is utmost necessary for the users. The users are recommended to limit the massage sessions short like only for 15 to 30 minutes. The muscles can get overworked if the massage duration is more enough. 

Types of Massage chairs

There are various types of massage chairs. They are as follows:

  • Zero Gravity: These chairs are said to be the most expensive and are high-end models. In this type of chair, the body is inclined in such a way that it does not have to sustain its weight.
  • Recline: This is said to be the lower-end version of zero-gravity. The only difference is that the body will not be entirely supported by the chair. On the other, these chairs will recline to provide a relaxing experience.
  • Full Body: This type of chairs provides relief to the entire body from neck to legs. These are expensive as well.
  • Ottoman: This type of chair looks similar to that of traditional chairs. This delivers fantastic relief to the users.
  • Chair or Seat Pad: The users themselves can create the massage chairs. It can be done by placing a seat pad over a regular chair.

The features that one must look upon in a Massage Chair:

  1. Massage Rollers- This is used to provide a comfortable and relaxing experience of massage.
  2. Heat Massage- This is the best way for relaxing the muscles.
  3. Massage Roller Strokes- These strokes play an essential role in providing an effective as well as relaxing massage.
  4. Body Scan Technology- This helps in customizing the massage according to the requirements of the users.
  5. Air Compression Massage- Airbags are provided for useful massage experience.
  6. Vibration- This feature is generally present in the hip region that provides effective massage.
  7. Muscle Stretch Massage- The air compression is warmed up to warm as well as stretch the muscles.
  8. Spinal Stretch- The back of the user is stretched to reduce the pain of the vertebrae.
  9. Acupressure Points- This helps to relieve pain, and the acupressure is concentrated at that point.

The Programs and the Settings that need to be checked during a Massage are as follows:

  1. Pre-defined Programs.
  2. Manual Control.
  3. Intensity Settings.
  4. Speed Settings.
  5. Auto- Shut Down.

The Connectivity as well as Entertainment Features, are as follows:

  1. Remote Control
  2. USB Port
  3. MP3 Player
  4. Bluetooth Compatibility.
  5. LED Lights.
  6. Easy Access.


These massage chairs will help the users to release stress and pain. It comes as a boon to the users. The buyers, before purchasing a massage chair, needs to study all the features according to their need. This article will help the buyers to buy the best massaging chair according to their budget.

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