8 Best Drum Set in India 2021

Drum sets are also known as a drum kit. It is merely a collection of drums which is renamed as a modern kit. Varieties of drum sets are available in the market today. In this article, we will discuss the 8 best drum set in India. Most Indians love music and also like to play instruments like drum, guitar, table etc.

The buyers are advised to check a few points before buying a drum set. One should check the parts of a drum kit before buying. This is important to purchase the best equipment.

Shells: Shells consist of the bass drum as well as toms. These shells are made of different types of wood. Additionally, the sound of the drum is depended on the wood used. 

Hardware: The hardware of the drum is essential to know. The long durability and to keep the drum running for a long time, the hardware is crucial to understand by the buyers.

There are numerous features that the buyers must know before buying a drum set. The parts are, for example, stand of the drums and the drum set piece quantity and many more. These features are mentioned in details in the “Buying Guide”.

8 Best Drum Set in India 2021

1) Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit

Alesis is a company which is American based. This company is known to manufacture electrical musical products in a wide range. This company manufactures a different range of electric drum set.

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit is an electric drum set. It consists of a complete eight-piece set. Additionally, this set delivers a practical playing experience which is very important for the beginners. This helps in practising, which is focussed on education. The collection also includes 15 preset drum kit sounds as well as USB MIDI connectivity. These two things are its speciality.

Features: –

This drum set possesses many features. It is loaded with numerous sounds which are in-demand percussions. This drum set ensures the users to provide with any sound they want. It is quite beneficial to users.

The set is designed with 8-inch pad size in diameter. It consists of a dual-zone mesh snare drum, mesh toms of 8 inch and 10-inch cymbal pads. It also provides with playable rubber type surface. The hi-hat pads are connected to the controller pedal, which is free-floating. Additionally, it consists of 4 post aluminium rack. The warranty for this drum set is 1 year.

  • The drum set arrives in the market with 4 meshes as well as 1 rubber pad.
  • It provides 1/8 inch headphone output connectivity, TRS inputs of ¼ inch and a 1/8 inch aux input. These features will help the users to do hassle-free rehearsals. Additionally, practice sessions will be more comfortable. 
  • The mesh head of this set is smaller compared to other expensive kits. But this is still playable.
  • The adjustability of the rack of the drum set.
  • There is an absence of mesh on bass drum tower.

2) Havana Imported HV522 Acoustic Drum Set

Havana Imported HV522 Acoustic Drum Set

The brand of this drum set in Havana. It is an acoustic drum set which is excellent and advantageous to use. Additionally, this drum kit possesses good specifications. 

Features: –

The Havana Imported acoustic drum set consists of 5 pieces. This set is designed with material which is of premium quality. Additionally, this drum set is featured with PVC wrap. This includes cymbals, drum pedal as well as the throne of the drum. The warranty of this drum kit is 1 year.

  • The drum kit is made of a material which is of reliable quality. 
  • This kit also lasts for long, which is beneficial for the users.
  • It is perfect for young players.
  • This drum set should be handled with care by the player or else this will not last for a more extended period.

3) Behringer XD8USB Electronic Drum Set

Behringer XD8USB Electronic Drum Set

Behringer is a manufacturer which manufactures musical instruments of German origin. Additionally, it is well known for producing products of high range. This drum set is designed with higher standards. On the other hand, it is also budget-friendly.

This model of the drum set is considered to be one of the best sounding e-drum kits. It is professional as well. This kit comes with studio-quality drum sets and distinct sounds which are 15 and 123 in number respectively.

Features: –

The drum set consists of 8 pieces. The drum heads are made of natural rubbers, and the players can expect the exact feel as well as the response of an acoustic drum. This helps in the removal of false triggering. One can also silently practice with their headphones out. 

The XD8 comes with the USB. The reason behind this is that the players can directly connect it to the Daw, or one can use it to activate external sounds. This is done via MIDI. The players can play a variety of snare with the help of dual-zone snare pad. It is also used for rim style playing methods. The warranty for XD8USB is 3 years.

  • The players can connect this drum to any virtual instrument. It is connected via USB audio interface.
  • It possesses factory preset, which is 10 in number and also has user programs that are 5 in number. 
  • This drum set covers the majority of the wide variety of music styles. They are professionally composed tracks.
  • All sounds are velocity-sensitive for natural dynamic response.
  • This drum set does not possess sufficient sound variances for an experienced drummer.
  • There is a lack of responsiveness while playing complex patterns.
  • Although this drum set is expensive, yet it has limited features.
  • Structurally it is not dependable for a heavy-hitting drummer.

4) Alesis Compact Kit 4 Drum Kit

Alesis Compact Kit 4 Drum Kit

This kit is perfect for young drummers. It is an electronic drum kit. This drum helps the beginners to improve their skills which are quite beneficial for them.

This drum kit consists of 4 drum pads. These are sensitive to velocity. Additionally, it produces pragmatic drum sound with the feel. It also gives a response similar to a real drum.

Features: –

This is a 4 pad electronic drum. The younger players can start playing this drum kit with music. The reason behind this is that there are loads of inbuilt songs as well as rhythms. 

Additionally, the kit includes the feature of music coach. This shows notes on the LCD screen. This helps the player in learning how to play along with the songs and rhythms that are already built-in. This drum kit is ultra-portable. This can be carried anywhere the player wants to conveniently. This also includes a power adapter. The warranty for this electronic drum set is 1 year.

  • 6 c-cells batteries are used in this drum set. That is why it is an excellent portable drum set.
  • The drum set is suitable for beginners to play. To make learning easier for the beginners, the tempo can be adjusted.
  • Metronome is absent in this drum set.
  • Food pedals are absent in this set. There are only 4 pads on the tabletop.

5) AMBITION Basic Drum Kit

AMBITION Basic Drum Kit

This is a drum set which is best for students and beginners. Good quality plywood is used for coating. The coating is single or double or multiple layered. This coating is done for the design of the body.

Features: –

This drum set is transparent. The white skin provided is of the best quality. This skin can be replaced at any time whenever required to do so. Good quality stands are provided for all the accessories needed.

This drum set is best for all the beginners. It possesses a dual skin base which is of the best quality as well as compatible. Additionally, this set consists of ½ inch pipe stands.

  • The drum set is available in the market with a reasonable price range.
  • This drum kit is best suitable for beginners.
  • The manufacturers do not provide a warranty for the drum set.

6) Pearl RS525SCC706

Pearl RS525SCC706

This drum set is considered to be a fantastic 5 piece from the brand known as Pearl. This is said to be a full basic kit. Additionally, it is available in 4 gig-ready setups with a selection of 4 different wrapped finishes that are durable. The whole drum set, in general, has a slightly smaller footprint. This helps it in making ideal for apartments as well as younger learners.

Features: –

This drum set consists of essential features. The bass drum, toms as well as snare are made from 9-ply poplar. It has triple-flanged hoops. The loops, as well as the rack toms, are pre-tuned. This is the reason why the drummers only have to fiddle with the bass and the floor tom.

In this drum kit, all stands, bass pedal throne, and tom holders are included. Although the drum kit is affordable, yet it features some upgraded parts that are professional. For example, a chain drives bass drum pedal and geared locking stands. These are all reinforced. Additionally, these are double braced for longevity. 

This drum kit is considered to be ideal for those who have to be very conscious of neighbours. The throne is suitable for pre-teens. This whole drum set has a slightly smaller footprint, and it will make it ideal for young learners.

  • The full drum set consists of stands, throne as well as sticks.
  • This includes a smaller footprint.
  • The drum kit is of affordable price.
  • The manufacturers do not provide a warranty for the drum set.
  • Structurally it is not dependable for a heavy-hitting drummer.

7) Pearl EXX725S/C

Pearl EXX725S-C

This drum set is new. It is an improved full-size model. It is a step up in price. The additional cymbals are removed. So the drummers or the learners have to source their own. The upgrade of this drum set is essential based on product quality as well as a drum sound.

Features: –

The drum set possesses many features. The shells of this drum kit are a 6-ply poplar and mahogany mix. This helps to provide a louder resonance as well as make it stronger. The quality of the covered wrap is also modified, which is quite beneficial. This drum kit features an advanced Opti-Loc Tom suspension system.

This drum kit has a 2 inch bigger bass drum and floor tom size which is quite advantageous to the drummers. Additionally, this incorporates Pearls superior technology. This drum kit also arrives with an upgraded pedal which is the highly popular p930 Demonator.

  • This drum kit is of affordable price which is suitable for the drummers. 
  • This drum kit consists of Opti-Loc tom mounts as well as superior shells.
  • Additionally, this improvised drum set consists of detonator pedal. 
  • This is considered to be a beginner’s kit.
  • The manufacturers do not provide a warranty for the drum set.
  • Structurally it is not dependable for a heavy-hitting drummer.
  • This drum set should be handled with care by the player or else this will not last for a more extended period.

8) Gammon Full Size

Gammon Full Size

This model is considered to be the full-size adult drum kit from the manufacturers known as Gammon. This is a low- priced option. But it arrives with everything a drummer needs to set up quickly straight out of the box.

Features: –

This drum kit is made of real wood. The rack toms that are present are mounted with adjustable tilt memory locks. This kit is considered to be a valuable model for students. The hi-hats are of 12 inches. Additionally, the crash or ride is of 14 inches in diameter. Cymbals are not included with this drum kit.

  • The whole kit possesses all the necessary accessories.
  • This is well built as well as it is easy to set up.
  • The price is unbeatable.
  • Cymbals are not included with this drum kit.
  • The manufacturers do not provide a warranty for the drum set.
  • Structurally it is not dependable for a heavy-hitting drummer.
  • This drum set should be handled with care by the player or else this will not last for a more extended period.

Buying Guide Best Drum Set in India

What is a Drum Kit?

The drum set is another name of a drum kit. It is also known as trap set or just drums. This is said to be a group of drums and other bass beat instruments. These are set up on stands. Stands are used so that it is easier for the single player to play.

What are the parts of a Drum set?

The buyers of a drum set must first of all know or gain knowledge about the different parts of the group.

A) Shells:

The essential parts of a drum set are snare drum, bass drum and toms. These parts of a drum kit are called bodies.

Variety of wood is used to make the shells. The wood can distinguish the sounds of the drum it has been made of. The player of the drum can choose what wood type they want according to his or her style of playing.

There are different types of woods used in making of drums. They are mentioned as follows:

  1. Birch: This Kind of wood is large, challenging as well as dense. This adds loudness to the drum. Additionally, this type of wood makes it a sounding kit which is brighter than the others.
  2. Maple: This type of wood is generally used for drum shells. The maple wood goes well with all styles of music. It is also versatile.
  3. Mahogany: This type of wood is said to have a low-end power. This means that when the player hits those drums, it will give a ‘THUMP’ sound. 
  4. Poplar: This type of wood is generally present in drum sets that are cheaper than other groups. The sound quality is not significant compared to other woods.

The users need to know about the different sizes of drum shells. The buyers must always remember one thing before purchasing a drum set. More giant the surface of the drum, more profound will be the sound.

The drums are being categorized by the drummers based on their diameter size. The diameter size is measured in inch. The most snare drums are of 14 inches.

The giant drum of a drum set is the bass drum. According to the drummer’s preferences, these are known as tom size.

B) Hardware:

The drum hardware is used to position the drums. It is a part of the drum kit. Additionally, this includes stands for cymbals as well as tom mounts. Pedals are also considered to be under hardware.

If the hardware is right, then the drum set will last longer. Additionally, this will provide the drummers more comfort while playing. The cheaper hardware will not be sturdy. This will make the cymbals move around, which will be problematic for the drummers. 

The drummers will need cymbal stand as well as hi-hat stand. These can be single or double-braced.

  • Single Braced Stand: The single braced stand is lightweight. Additionally, it is easier to transport. This is not less stable as the double-braced stand.
  • Double Braced Stand: This strand gives the drum set more support from the bottom. It, in turn, will make the drummer feel as sturdy.

C) Cymbals:

The cymbals are most important to any drum setup. Cymbals are said to sound differently. Additionally, they have different qualities. Standard drum setups possess crash cymbals, ride cymbal as well as hi-hats.

  • Ride Cymbals: The ride cymbals are said to be more significant. These range from 20 inches to 24 inches. In every drum set, there will be at least one ride cymbal. 
  • Hi-hats: These hi-hats are considered to be the most critical cymbals in the drum set. The reason behind this is that it prioritizes getting it over other cymbals.

D) Drum Heads:

The membranes over the drum are known as drum heads. These drum sets come with the stock head. This head sounds perfect if it is the user’s first drum kit. The drum sounds much better if the users tune them properly.

Types of Drum Sets:

Majority of the drum sets are packaged as either 4 to 5 piece kit. This number of pieces refers to the number of drums. It does not refer to the total parts of the drum set. The features of the drum set include both hardware and cymbals. These parts are crucial in a drum kit. 

  • 4 Piece Kit: A drum set known as Novice drum set typically includes a snare, bass drum, one mounted or rack toms or floor toms. These parts are essential in a drum set. It is also advantageous to the drummers.
  • 5 Piece Kit: This drum set includes parts like a snare, bass drum, 2 mounted or rack toms or floor toms. The details are essential for a drummer.
Choosing an Acoustic Drum Set versus Electronic Drum Set:

Acoustic, which is also known as traditional drums as well as the electronic drums, are the two types of drum sets that are available in the market. Acoustic Drum sets consist of metal cymbals. Wood, as well as metal drum sets, are used to protect the sound. On the other hand, an electronic drum set has rubber pads. This hits sound to an amplifier or headphones.

Each type of drum set, whether it is acoustic or electronic, has its advantages. Traditional drum sets, i.e. acoustic drum sets, are less complicated to set up. They have a better “feel”. On the other hand, the electronic drum can reduce or eliminate the volume of drums. These electronic drums are a great solution to the students or drummers who reside in an apartment or in places where sound levels are concerned. 


The buyers must ensure themselves that the drum set they choose to buy must be reasonable and is suitable according to their needs. These drum sets are the best drum sets that one could prefer to buy.

The buyers or the drummers must study the details of every drum set so that they do not face any problem after purchasing. The price varies depending upon the brand, several pieces a set contains, whether it is acoustic or electronic and many other features. Hope this article will help the buyers to choose the best of all.

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