Top 10 Best Camping Tents In India 2020

The Camping tents also prominently known as tents for Hiking is a very well-known shelter consisting of sheets of different fabric draped over-attached poles or attached ropes to provide protection anytime and anywhere. As it’s the period of modern technology now, everyone likes something handy, portable and user friendly to use whenever they travel.

A camping tent is an actual example of it. This makes your work easy by being compact and comfortable to use and will protect the users from weather and animals and is mainly made for people who love camping and travelling at a wide range. It is easy to clean just with some soap water, sponge or directly dip the sheets in the bucket filled with water and store them anywhere as the tent’s sheets are foldable so does not occupy much space. 

Just carry this masterpiece anywhere you like and enjoy nature with family and friends if you love staying in nature rather than huge classy hotels. This is how it saves your time, energy and money for sure. Now if you are wondering that how this small thing is going to stay upright and keep you safe then to make a note of these tents come in different qualities with different styles and various sizes such as tents for military encampment will vary from our usual travelling camps thus, we can get a tent according to our purpose and need. 

Few types of tents made for travellers are dome tent, tunnel tent, pop-up tent, backpacking tent, etc. These wide ranges of tents having their speciality are available widely in India. So you do not have to avoid camping due to weather conditions or because you are not getting a good quality tent because here is a small help for you. This article brings you top 10 camping tents for all the campers and nature lovers out there. Are you so looking for some branded but affordable camping tents in India? 


1) And Retails Cloth Changing Tent

Being one of the most used and one of the most trusted products, it is well known that this fantastic stylish-looking tent in India perfectly fits for people who are travelling with women or even if you are someone who likes privacy. The sophisticated looking tent is designed this way that can be easily carried as it only weighs around 449g. 

The colour and style are surely one of the main reasons for becoming such a big hit, especially India, which makes it look like a classic piece. This is a perfect product for changing clothes and can also be used as a restroom using a disposable toilet.

It can be quickly repacked and easily installed so that you do not have to depend on anyone else and can easily use this tent anytime. This camping tent is widely available anywhere easily including at Amazon, because of its increasing demand every day.

  • This beautiful product comes in a size of 120*120*190 centimeters.
  • This product does not require any particular guidelines for installations and can be correctly used for Hiking.
  • And Retails Cloth Changing tent comes with the waterproof sheet. Thus now users might not have to face any issues when it suddenly rains as this tent will indeed protect you in any weather. This makes it user-friendly, and the tent is strong and can be used for a more extended period.
  • Light in weight and easy to handle for the users, so you don’t have to deal with heavier luggage anymore while travelling.
  • Very strong and sheets are made of good quality, making it perfect for long-lasting usage and also enough space is provided for changing clothes comfortably.
  • It does not come with a disposable toilet and might cost you more if you buy it separately.
  • This product was launched in 2014. If you are looking for something more upgraded, you might not find those features in this camping tent.

2) Coleman Sundome Camping Green Tents

Coleman Sundome Camping Green Tent is very well known for its elegant and beautiful design, and nature’s colour green goes very well with the surroundings if you are looking for enjoying your time while hiking. The easy to handle camping tent comes in different sizes, such as 2, 3, 4 and 6 persons. 

The product is renowned for its qualities like the light in weight, comfortable to use and has the perfect floor for sure. To make a note of Colemon is undoubtedly one of the most trustworthy brands having all high-quality products with reasonable prices for each. 

The Brand itself offers more than 60 different varieties of tents beloved by the Indian public at a high rate. This tent is designed with a fantastic water-tech system that makes this tent more durable and showcases why the camping tent has become favourable for each sporty person out there.

  • The available tent’s dome structure can withstand high load like if you want to hang sound system or any decorations but still enjoy your tent to stay upright, then this is undoubtedly something that will be useful for you. 
  • It is designed to have one large door for at the front side, which is vast enough for you to use this campaign tent comfortably.
  • Tired of finding an appropriate and perfect tent for you which can be affordable but still is of high quality, so no worries regarding this product as this tent comes with Polyester taffeta 75 denier flysheet and the range of units is 1 U.
  • The superb design and perfect weight make it easy to carry and use, and thus it becomes extra convenient to operate.
  • The fabric is waterproof and can surely stand abruptly in heavy rain or snow by still keeping you warm.
  • The tent comes with Tent Poles, Tents pegs, Inner tent, Outer sheet, floor mat, carry bag, manual, and durable.
  • The Coleman Sundome Camping Green Tent dimension is 2.1 x 1.5 x 1.2 Meters and thus is very comfortable and users will indeed not feel as if they are stuck in a small space. 
  • This fantastic tent comes with interior storage pockets, and thus indeed it is well equipped.
  • The Coleman Sundome Camping Green Tent weights around 2kg and 890g and thus if you are looking for a very light tent, this is not made for you.
  • Few users have reported that the elastic string inside the rods was loose.

3) Right Choice Polyester Picnic Hiking Camping Portable Dome Tent

The Right Choice has founded this functional tent, and the beautiful colours are just the right choice for the tent as expected. The product’s colourful style is perfect for a picnic or to go out and have on a nice sunny day with family and friends. 

In India, this tent from the Right Choice is perfect for use as it can use mostly on a sunny day rather than very rainy or snowy days which is not its cup of tea. They quickly assemble tent is useful for only essential use. Still, if you are a traveller who has to travel from one region to another and face various climatic changes, this tent is not made for you. 

The well-renowned tent is known for its easy assembly feature. The stylish design, beautiful colours, and affordable price surely make it a perfect manufactured product. Indeed, Right Choice Polyester Picnic Hiking Camping Portable Dome Tent has attracted more public day by day.

  • The tent comes with a single layer of waterproofing and is suitable to fit 4 people comfortably inside it.
  • This tent has a Polyester Pongee Material and is very easy to set up as well as repack.
  • The indeed Right Choice Polyester Picnic Hiking Camping Portable Dome Tent has a 2-way zipper mesh closure. If the user avoids using this tent in heavy rainy or snowy days, it can be used for an extended period.
  • This fantastic tent’s size is 200 X 200 X 135 cm and thus is perfect for 3 to 4 people who can comfortably use it.
  • The tent is known for easy assembly as many users complimented this product because they didn’t have to check any manual or go through many guidelines while installing it.
  • The well-designed tent has inlet and windows on the opposite sides, making it very useful as you don’t have to feel suffocated anymore while sleeping inside a campaign tent.
  • The tent’s quality is not at all so good enough to withstand any weather as in rainy season users have reported that there are a lot of leakages. 
  • The base of the tent might get punctured very easily.

4) KUMAKA Large 2 Person Waterproof Dome Camping Tent

 Adding one more colourful plus a dome-shaped campaign tent in the list the KUMAKA Large 2 Person Waterproof Dome Camping Tent is undoubtedly one of the best tents manufactured yet. The tent consist of four corners which has been with rain cover, door pack belts and fixing strap 

And all these features specify that this gorgeous product can strongly resist the wind and rain storm and can also be used is snowy regions.

The tent is ideal for camping, whereas the shape of the storage bag with it is cylindrical. This amazing tent is known for its affordable yet good looks and quality and is also mostly known for design which provides enough ventilation for the users.

A tent which looks attractive and stays user friendly is undoubtedly an efficient camping tent, and thus this is one of the primarily used tents in India. This sleek product can accommodate about 3 people comfortably and therefore, indeed is a profitable deal.

  • The dimensions of the package bag size are 60cm, 10cm and 10cm respectively.
  • The Crossing glass fibre pole design makes this tent more stable to use for sure. 
  • The KUMAKA Large 2 Person Waterproof Dome Camping Tent comes with an Anti-insect netting and is thus suitable for ventilation and prevents mosquito attack, which makes it ideal for summer, spring and autumn use.
  • This noticeable tent comes with a package which consists of Tent cloth, Tent dormer cloth cover, Fixing nails, Poles and Package bag of all acceptable quality for sure.
  • The attractive product is well string enough to stay upright in any weather conditions, and thus now your camping would never get delayed due to an improper tent.
  • The KUMAKA Large 2 Person Waterproof Dome Camping Tent is known for its waterproofing lining given on the fabric’s surface.    
  • The glass fibre poles might be delicate.
  • The KUMAKA Large 3 Person Waterproof Dome Camping Tent hardly accommodates 3 people.

5) Coleman Tent Darwin 2, Compact Dome Tent

The amazing Brand Coleman brings another tent which just correctly suits all the hikers out there. Coleman is one of India’s most trusted brands and is known for its innovative products and quality. Thus Coleman Tent Darwin 2 proves why this Brand is one of the leading brands in India.

The product has been widely used because of its high-quality polyester material and strong fibreglass poles. You can again quickly assemble this tent and carrying, and storage is done too quickly. The robust tent is fit for any season, and its stylish dome shape adds more points to the product.

  • The Coleman Tent Darwin 2 has a 46 x 15.5 x 15.5cm pack size, and it weighs around 2.8 kg.
  • The waterproofing technology is correctly applied in this tent and thus makes it more efficient to use.
  • This highly satisfying product comes with a capacity of 2 persons and has a water column of 3000mm, which makes it more convenient to use clearly.
  • The quality of the Coleman Tent Darwin 2 is appreciable, and the groundsheet is PE welded and very well integrated. 
  • The dome structure of the classic Coleman Tent is perfectly portable and also the lightweight of the tent makes it so handy enough to work with comfortably.
  • This product’s height comes to a maximum measurement of 7 to 8 feet.
  • If you are looking for a basic, lightweight tent, this tent is not the one for you.

6) Amazon Basics Tent for Camping

This simple, stylish campaign tent by AmazonBasics for Camping comes with a removable rainfly for the circulation of cool and fresh air. It gives you the entire experience of camping entirely.

The cool colours and design make it look more sophisticated, and this user-friendly and convenient tent comes with all the essential features that are very well enough to meet all the basic needs of a perfect tent. The tent’s low price nature makes it more renowned among the public, especially people with basic needs. 

The budget-friendly AmazonBasics tent for camping is perfect for hiking anywhere as it comes with a Shock-corded pole and snag-free continuous pole sleeves for smooth setup. If you want to have a tent with a warrant, this camping tent comes with a warranty for 1 year.

  • The AmazonBasics tent for camping comes with a robust Welded 1000D-polyethylene bathtub-style floor which offers protection against leakages for sure.
  • The stakes Measures 9 by 7 feet (LxW) with 48-inch centre height for enough room to move around, which indeed makes it one of the most comfortable and useful tents.
  • The warranty service for this tent is provided for a year.
  • AmazonBasics Tent for Camping comes at a significantly cheaper rate and easy to store, and walls are coated-polyester fabric for strength.
  • The tent works well for all the 3-season camping.
  • The weight of the tent is very high, that is around 3kg and 900g. 
  • The tent is not 100% waterproof.

7) Virology Outdoor Picnic Camping Tent

This beautiful camping tent is coated with 190T Polyester’s outer material, which makes it one of the highest quality tents and is also suitable to use in all the seasons correctly. This fantastic tent by Voroly outdoor can hold 2 persons in it very comfortably.

The camping tent with superior air ventilation also consists of dome design and ground vent, which helps air circulation quickly. The tent has a high water column of 600mm and can serve while rainy seasons to users.

The double-layer heavy-duty fabric does make this product 100% waterproof but most likely could not be used in the snowy regions. The upper entry mesh is indeed durable, and overall the Voroly outdoor camping tent is undoubtedly a well planned and developed product by keeping the user’s needs in mind. 

  • The tent is renowned for backpacking and does protect from harmful UV rays for sure. 
  • Large windows are a huge plus point.
  • The size of the Voroly outdoor camping tent is 210*150*115CM.
  • The patented Weather tech system with welded floors will help to ensure you stay dry.
  • The setting up time for Voroly outdoor camping tent is only 10 minutes, and thus it proves to be very efficient to use.
  • The poly sheets are well stitched in the tent, and foldable supporting sticks are of good quality.
  • Mounting is well secured.
  • Excess of strain might break the rods easily.
  • Cannot use this tent at heavy snowy regions.

8) YFXOHAR Military Picnic Camping Tent

This beautiful military camping tent is so well designed that even a single person can easily set it up. It is coated with an outer material of 180T Polyester tape, making it suitable to use in all the seasons entirely. This fantastic tent YFXOHAR Military Picnic Camping Tent can hold 2 people in it very effectively.

The camping tent protects from wind, sunlight, rain, insects yet still has proper ventilation because of the breathable polyester fabric used. The dome structure and stylish print make it famous among India’s young generation as its lightweight fabric is of good quality, and the best part is that the windows are netted in the tent.

  • The tent is renowned for being moisture-proof, dustproof, waterproof, UV protected, and snow protected.
  • It has a double-sided mesh on the windows as well as on the outside door.
  • The tent is provided with 4 metal tent pegs which do get fixed perfectly.
  • The tent’s frame material is of fibreglass of high quality that you can use this tent at any weather for a more extended period.
  • The YFXOHAR Military Picnic Camping Tent weights around 1kg and 300 g and is thus easily portable and can be carried for long-distance travel.
  • The temperature control and air ventilation system makes this tent more cosy and comfortable.
  • Cannot accommodate more than 4 people comfortably.

9) Home cute Foldable Portable Pop up Cloth Changing Tent

This fantastic cloth changing tent comes in a sleek black shade and is perfect for carrying with while going on a picnic or camping. The Home cute Foldable tent is very well designed that even a single person can set this up within a few seconds. It is coated with an outer material made of nylon that makes it suitable to use in all the seasons. This fantastic tent can also be used for taking a shower or a restroom, giving you a private space of your own very effectively.

The changing tent folds into a compact ring which stores into the provided 2 strap carrying bag. The tent is made with high-quality fabric which is waterproof and made of taffeta 191-D nylon polyester. It consists of a flexible steel for durability.

  • The tent is renowned for being easily foldable and fits in a 55cm (diameter) bag effectively.
  • This beautiful tent is available in green and black colour whereas this tent’s dimension is 120 x 120 x195 cm.
  • The single door U shape zipper that comes with this tent is provided with a sound lock that is very easy to access from both sides effectively.
  • The tent is well developed having a frame size of 195 centimetres.
  • The pop-up tent being user friendly is also budgeting friendly and is completely waterproof. 
  • The pegs of the tent are not very long enough.
  • Few users have found stitching issue in this tent.

10) Naturehike Backpacking Tent

This amazing nylon tent is made with an anti-scratch 20D nylon mesh covered in the tent’s interior part. The Naturehike Backpacking Tent is appreciably robust and breathable having the rainfly made of 20D rip-stop nylon.

The Naturehike Backpacking Tent gives UV 50+ sun protection having the ropes too made of high-quality nylon. The anytime and any-place tent is the lightest one-person tent known yet. The amazing tent is waterproof, windproof and provides enough air circulation inside the tent you choose to go camping on a sunny day.

  • The tent is famous for being comfortable, and the size is 18.9(L) x 5.9(W) x 5.9(H) inches. 
  • It takes less than 2 minutes to set up the tent which is done very quickly with double flysheets that comes with it. 
  • The Brand provides a lifetime guarantee. Naturehike Backpacking Tent can provide any replacements if you want to make which is done by the company’s customer services.
  • The tent stakes are made of strong aluminium 7001 ad comes with a strong nylon carry bag too.
  • Perfect sun protection is available and stays upright in heavy wind storm too.
  • Cannot be used in snowy regions effectively.

Buying Guide For Best Camping Tents In India


For any camping tent, the most important thing to check is the rods that are being used. The fabric is the next point to be restricted, which is used to cover over the rods. It is also advised to have an ant-insect/mosquito net to hide in the net’s interior part.


There are several tents out there with different specialities, so it depends on the user to check if the tent meets their needs. For people who know already to set up tent very well then there is no issue. But for people who aren’t so trained should check the setting up time as it showcases the difficulty level for setting up a camping tent. 


The tent’s durability depends on the durability of the rods or rope used along with the sheets. So if these things are made of good quality, then a tent can be considered the last longing for sure. 


A tent is used for multiple purposes, and thus you should always keep in mind the purpose of buying a tent. Suppose you are using a tent only for essential purposes like a small outing or picnic with the family. In that case, any standard tent is fine, but if you are a traveller, then get a suitable tent based on the climate and weather of the place you mostly travel.


Do check that a tent you want to buy has a giant zipper for the entry door and window holes along with thick sheets that can provide enough ventilation and the ability to keep you warm at the same time.

#6 Is it easily portable?

 A tent should be easily portable if you are a traveller and especially for sporty people who keep travelling cannot carry heavy luggage as it would be uncomfortable and not a good option for sure. So check the weight and dimension of the tent before buying it.

#7 Price

This is something always to check on. Among hundreds of different tents out there choose the more efficient, robust and stays upright that fits the budget. Compare other tents, which is a must before buying an efficient tent that fits your budget.


This article showcases a list of different tents used for various purposes from cloth changing tents to tents for Hiking and picnic. All the tents are available in amazon and can be used according to the features and pros and cons. Few tents above will be user friendly and cost-friendly according to users need so refer the article which would be your helping hand to buy a perfect tent for you.

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