Top 7 Baby Car Seats In India 2021

Parenting is all about creating adorable memories with your little ones as they grow into healthy and well-balanced humans. Parenthood means taking care of your child in every aspect of life, whether it be their playing time, study time, and especially when going out for trips and outings.

It is essential to spend quality time with your child. Hence it is vital to plan trips and drives with your baby. The most important thing to be taken care of while traveling is your child’s safety, but most Indian parents lack in making this point in the notice. Therefore, the critical investment while going is arranging the security of your child.

We don’t know what would happen at any moment on roads, so you must carefully secure your baby in the car’s back seat. The baby car seats allow you to drive without any distractions from your naughty babies and ensure their safety.

The baby car seats are such thoughtful products that would make your traveling safe and hassle-free. Here we have listed the best Baby Car seats, which provide the child with the utmost comfort while strapping him securely in the car’s backseat.

Top 7 Baby Car Seats In India 2021

1. LuvLap Sports Convertible Car Seat

LuvLap Sports Convertible Car Seat
LuvLap Sports Convertible Car Seat

LuvLap has emerged as one of the most popular brands engaged in making quality baby care products. It has introduced an excellent car seat model, named LuvLap Sports Convertible, which is certified by European safety standards. This car seat designed for kids from 0 to 4 years of age.

The rearward facing arrangement of the car seat is for kids from 0 to 2 years weighing up to 13 kgs while the forward-facing position is suitable for kids of 2 to 4 years weighing up to 18 kgs.

If you are looking for a baby car seat that provides your baby comfort and excellent safety, then you must go for this one. It comes with soft cushions to make your baby feel like a mother’s lap and utmost security. LuvLap sports model is equipped with 5 point harness to hold the child from waist and shoulders securely.

The frame can be adjusted with a child’s growth, and the extra soft padding makes it best for long drives. The seat cover can be easily removed and washed.

  • Convertible design
  • Ease of washing to maintain cleanliness
  • Best safety parameters
  • Rear-facing and front-facing adjustments.
  • Short time use only for 4 years.

2. R for Rabbit Convertible Baby Car Seat Jack N Jill

R for Rabbit convertible Baby Car Seat Jack N Jill
R for Rabbit convertible Baby Car Seat Jack N Jill

This one is one of the most popular and safest baby car seats from R for Rabbit. The seat certified with US safety certification ECE R44/04 that provides international safety standards for your child’s safety. It can be used for babies of age group 0 to 7 years, hence making your investment worth for an extended period.

It comes with 3 recline positions to convert it at different ages of your child to provide comfort and a peaceful nap. It can convert according to your baby’s growth in 3 age groups. The first age group is 0 to 2 years and weight 0-10 kgs in which the seat provides a rear-facing position.

As per studies, it is observed that babies from 0 to 2 years of age should be seated in a rear-facing position in a car, and this car seat provides this option to you. The second age group is 2 to 5 years weighing from 10-18 kgs in which seat can be converted to a front-facing position.

The seat can be used to front-facing car seat of 4 to 7 years of age that supports a child’s weight from 18-25 kgs. Jack N Jill Grand comes with 5 point safety harness that provides a safe and comfortable ride to your little one. The design is very luxurious and comes with washable seat cushions.

  • Convertible seat
  • Certified by European Safety Standards
  • 3 recline positions
  • Side impact cushions for safety and comfort.
  • Cushion quality is not satisfying.

3. Trumom Infant Baby Car Seats

Trumom Infant Baby Car Seats
Trumom Infant Baby Car Seats

Trumom Infant Baby Car Seat is the best product you can have for your baby to ensure all your needs of your modern lifestyle. Trumom is a USA based company that manufactures this fantastic car seat for your baby from 0 to 15 months of age with weight up to 13 kgs.

The best part of this product is that it can be used as 4 products in 1. It can be converted into 4 products per your need: a feeding chair, rocker, carrycot, and the infant baby car seat. The seat does not only comes with luxurious design and 4 in 1 feature but also ensures your baby’s safety by providing a 5-point harness system.

It grips your baby’s body firmly and ensures the safety and comfort of your kid. It comes with padded side wings that lessen the chances of any sprain or injury during any collision or sudden break. The product can be used in any car as it is a perfect fit for all vehicles. It is a lightweight product in which you can carry your baby comfortably without any stress of heavyweight. 

  • 5-point harness safety
  • Softly padded wings
  • Easily washable cushions
  • Canopy cover for UV rays protection
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Nothing much.

4. Mee Mee Baby Car Seat Cum Carry Cot

Mee Mee Baby Car Seat Cum Carry Cot
Mee Mee Baby Car Seat Cum Carry Cot

Mee Mee Baby Car Seat Carry Cot & Rocker gives the convenience of 3 products in 1 without any compromise. The seat is suitable for babies of age group 0-5 years. The specially designed seat adapts to your growing child’s changing needs, going from a soothing rocker to a carrycot, to a car seat in no time, making the travel safe and comfortable for your child.

The unique feature is the full canopy cover to ensure your baby’s protection in all weather conditions. The product is easy to handle with a double cushioned washable seat cover. The safety measure is also taken care of in this seat as it comes with a 3-point harness and adjustable 3-point safety belt.

The car seat can even be locked using the seat belt of the car. The cushioned straps ensure the comfortable journey of your baby with safety and make your baby feel relaxed.

  • 3-in-1 product
  • Belt button
  • Softly padded cushions
  • Can be used in all weathers
  • Head support pillow.
  • Poor quality fabric.

5. R for Rabbit Jumping Jack Grand Car Seat

R for Rabbit Jumping Jack Grand Car Seat
R for Rabbit Jumping Jack Grand Car Seat

The fifth product in the list of baby car seats is R for Rabbit Jumping Grand Car Seat. The seat is manufactured from R for Rabbit that is known for making quality baby products, and it also ensures the safety of your child. It comes with ECE R44/04 certification of safety assurance.

An essential feature of this baby car seat to be taken into account is its lifetime. It can be used for children of age group 0-12 years and weight up to 36 kgs that makes it a one-time investment of yours in a baby car seat. The car seat comes with an adjustable height feature and headrest for the utmost comfort for kids.

The baby car seat can be converted according to your baby’s growth. The seat can be used for kids of age group 0-5 years with belts attached in the forward position and can handle weight up to 36 kgs. It is best suited for kids of age group 4-6 years from 15-25 kgs after removing the Harness.

It can be used for age group 6-12 years with weight 25-36 kgs along with the seat belt of the car. In this way, it can be useful to you for 12 years.

The seat comes with a 5-point, front Harness that helps you safely get your baby in and out of the car. The car seat’s innovative design has padded side wings that properly embrace the baby’s head, hips, and legs and ensures the optimal position of the baby’s spine. The seat cushions are machine-washable, and the other metallic and plastic parts can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

  • 5-point safety harness
  • Luxurious design
  • Washable seat cushions and other parts
  • ECE certified and crash tested
  • utmost comfort and protection.
  • Difficult to handle while strolling.

6. Fisher-Price Convertible Baby Car Seat

Fisher-Price Convertible Baby Car Seat
Fisher-Price Convertible Baby Car Seat

Fisher-Price is a big name in producing quality baby products. It has come up with its baby car seat to provide you utmost joy and safety to your child while traveling. This car seat offers your child safety from infancy through the toddler years by converting from a rear-facing to a forward-facing car seat.

In rear-facing, it can protect infants from 0-9 kgs and in forward-facing mode toddlers from 9-18 kgs. It provides added safety features like adjustable Side Impact Protection(SIP), a Shock Absorbing Foam Element(SAFE) device, and many more. It has funny characters on the cushion that your baby will love, and the cushions can be easily removed and washed.

It is lightweight and softly padded for the baby’s comfort and provides a harness system that makes it easy for you to get you, child, in and out of the car. It is also made from 100% virgin white plastic.

  • Safety standards certified
  • Baby-friendly with fun characters
  • Soft cushions with head support
  • Made from virgin material.
  • Nothing much.

7. Evenflo Tribute 5 Convertible Car Seat

Evenflo Tribute 5 Convertible Car Seat
Evenflo Tribute 5 Convertible Car Seat

The Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat comes after passing rigorous test standards like impact tests and crash tests. This one is designed to be compact in size and lightweight.

The Car Seat is perfect for caregivers switching between multiple vehicles that provide excellent vehicle fit. It comes with an easily adjustable 5-point Harness from the front of the car seat that makes the child from the car straightforward. 

The seat has reclines for rear-facing use. It has 4 harness positions on shoulders to provide safety to your growing child. It has 2 crotch buckle positions for extended use and making your child feel relaxed and comfortable.

The seat has a machine-washable car seat pad that can be quickly taken off and has a removable head pillow for additional support to your child during a nap.

  • Utmost safety guaranteed
  • 2X federal crash test standard
  • Perfectly fits in every car
  • Buckles for extra protection and extended use
  • Side impact tested.
  • Not much comfortable.

Choosing the Right Baby Car Seat – Buying Guide

There can be a lot of information that can guide you to select the best car seat for your little one, but firstly it all depends on your requirements. What those requirements can be are provided below in detail. Read it thoroughly to buy the best one for your baby.

1. Car Seat as per age

There are different age groups of children in which you need a different type of car seat. There are 3 types according to age – infant, convertible, and Booster.

(A) Infant Car Seat

The most purchased or preferred one baby car seats among these 3 are the infant baby car seats, as this is the time in which babies should be taken care of the most. You can opt infant car seat if your baby is up to 15 months old having weight up to 18 kgs. They are always rear-facing as these are meant for infants.

(B) Convertible Car Seat

This seat can be converted to both rear-facing and front-facing according to your baby’s age group. After 2 years of age and weight up to 18 kgs, you should turn it to front-facing because rear-facing is safer for infants. This one is also a good option as you can use it for a longer time. 

(C) Booster Car Seat

The Booster Car Seats are meant for the children who exceed the height limits for front-facing Harness. The Booster raises the height of the seat so that the kid is comfortable enough, and the seatbelt now fits correctly to him. Again, booster car seats are also of 2 types- Backless and High Back. High Back provides better support, but the Backless ones are portable and easy to install.

2. Side Protection

Side-impacts of the car seat play an essential role in providing better comfort and extra side protection to the baby in your journey. Protection from sides is as much important as the front impact to ensure the baby’s safety on all types of roads. The Car seat you are going to purchase must have this feature for your baby.

3. Harness Types

The car seat must have proper Harness for giving support to your baby on bumpy roads. This also prevents babies from getting jolts during the drive and makes them take a comfortable nap. There are 2 types of Harness – 5 points and 3 points.

(A) 5-Point Harness

As the name suggests, it has 5 points to provide Harness to the baby. It has 2 shoulder straps, 2 waist straps, and 1 in-between-legs to offer full support.

(B) 3-Point Harness

It has only 3 harness points to support the child – 2 shoulder straps and 1 in-between the legs strap.

4. Comfort for Baby

The padding of the car seat should be soft enough to provide full support to your baby. The baby’s comfort is equally important as the safety as the baby will not enjoy the ride in the seat if he/she is not comfortable in it. Being a parent, you must know what will comfort your baby, so choose the seat wisely according to the comfort of the padding.

5. Cleanliness

The cleanliness of the seat is essential as your little one is going to use it, so make sure the seat you are purchasing is easily washable so that you can make it neat and clean whenever you feel like.

6. Fit for Car

Make sure the seat fits your car correctly and easily because your investment will go in vain if the seat doesn’t fit in your vehicle. All car seats are different in size and do not meet all vehicles, so take this point into account.


The primary two features that a car seat must possess are the safety and comfort of the baby. The baby car seat you choose should have these 2 features. The seat must have passed from all the safety standards. 

As per our choice, we recommend you to go for R for Rabbit convertible Baby Car Seat Jack N JillAccording to our research, its functions and features are best among all the others.

I hope so your all doubts are clear now regarding The Baby Car Seats In India if you have any doubt you can comment down below.

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